Stay on guard: 4 Self-defense techniques for preppers
04/06/2021 / By Arsenio Toledo / Comments
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Stay on guard: 4 Self-defense techniques for preppers

During SHTF scenarios, preppers will have to defend themselves from all kinds of dangerous people, be it looters or other kinds of vagabonds and anarchists. To do this, preppers need to learn martial arts. They need the necessary skills to defend themselves and their families in hand-to-hand combat. Here are four techniques that preppers can rely on. (h/t to

Hammer strikes

A hammer strike or a hammer fist strike is a downwards strike with your closed fist. It mimics the way the arm swings the head of the hammer, and much like hitting a nail it is meant to be used with as much energy as possible to deliver a strike with an incredible amount of power.

A hammer strike is very simple to do. You simply clench your fist, pull it back, and then strike your enemy at a downward angle. You can even use this strike while holding on to a sharp or solid object in your hand, like your car keys. This will make your powerful strike deal a lot more damage.

In a street self-defense situation, one well-placed and very powerful hammer strike could be enough to temporarily incapacitate an attacker, giving you and your loved ones enough time to retreat to a safer location.

Eye jabbing

An eye jab, eye poke, eye stab or eye strike is a very effective tool for self-defense that does not require a lot of power from the defender. All you have to do is take your fingers, aim for your assailant’s eyes and quite literally poke them. You may be able to hold your fingers together and poke at one eye in order to protect your fingers from possible damage. (Related: Self-defense 101: Ways to protect yourself when facing a dangerous situation.)

If your fingers reach their intended target, whether it’s one eye or two, an eye jab can stop even the most highly determined attacker, at least temporarily. This might be enough for people who need to flee SHTF situations and need to call for help from the authorities.

Double ear slap

Quick self-defense techniques rely either on making powerful strikes or on targeting vulnerable parts of the assailant. The double ear slap does both. As its name suggests, you use both your hands and clap them around both of your opponent’s ears at the same time with enough force.

To do this attack, you need to slightly cup both of your hands and strike your enemy simultaneously. Old army fighting manuals state that you need to use between five to 10 pounds of force with both hands.

If successful, this attack will incapacitate your attacker for several minutes. It might even burst one or both of the assailant’s eardrums and give him a mild concussion. Once the attack is successful, you can either flee to safety or follow through on your attack with more assaults.

Martial arts

The best way to protect yourself in any situation, you will need to learn martial arts. You can pick some unarmed martial arts such as Krav Maga and jiu-jitsu, or weapon-based martial arts like kendo, eskrima or silat.

Signing up for a martial arts class can not only help you during dangerous situations but will also boost your confidence and promote feelings of wellness. Make a point to learn as much as you can about your many self-defense options. Doing so will help keep you prepared for the worst.

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