Prepper must-haves: 4 Items you may have forgotten to stock up on
04/01/2021 / By Virgilio Marin / Comments
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Prepper must-haves: 4 Items you may have forgotten to stock up on

Being prepared for SHTF requires so many tools that it’s easy to miss an item or two when stockpiling. Oftentimes, it’s the most ordinary things that preppers are prone to forget, such as rubbing alcohol and duct tape. Take a look at some of the most important survival items that may have slipped your mind: (h/t to

Rubbing alcohol

It’s easy to forget an item as mundane as rubbing alcohol partly because it’s so common. That being said, always double-check your survival stockpile to see if you have enough rubbing alcohol. This antiseptic will come in handy when you need to clean wounds, sanitize your hands before eating and disinfect surfaces, among other things. If you haven’t stocked up on it yet, rubbing alcohol is available at every drugstore or supermarket.

Dust or gas mask

Things like looting and violent confrontations typically come to mind when you think of SHTF dangers. What are often left out are perils like gas leaks and dust storms. These are as dangerous as human threats and disasters because inhaling them over the long term can make you seriously ill.

Make sure to include a dust and gas mask to your bug-out bag to protect yourself and your family from toxic gases and particulates. Dust masks are available online and at hardware stores. Meanwhile, you’ll likely need to find a specialized survival supply store to buy a gas mask. Take note that a gas mask must fit better over your face than a dust mask because gases can easily penetrate tiny openings.

Duct tape

Duct tape is a versatile survival item used for a variety of applications. You can use duct tape to patch holes in your clothes, fix a screen, make a sling and even build a home, among many other things. But like rubbing alcohol, it’s easy to forget duct tape because it’s a very common item. Double-check your survival bags for duct tape to make sure you’re not forgetting it.

Also, consider stockpiling a variety of duct tapes. Most tapes are available in gray or black colors, but there are also red, orange and yellow duct tapes that may be useful if ever you find yourself in an emergency.

Plastic bags

Nearly all household keep plastic bags for their trash so these items are probably available at your home too. But the question is, do you have enough plastic bags when SHTF? Plastic bags have many uses, from maintaining body heat to lining your home garden. This means that if you are not able secure enough plastic bags, you may run out of these items before you run out of things to use them for. Stock up on plastic bags before they disappear from all stores. (Related: Emergency preparedness: What to buy when store shelves are almost empty.)

The items you’ll need to survive an SHTF event are far too many and diverse to remember when you’re stockpiling supplies. Keep a checklist of all the things you need and always double-check – even triple-check – once you’re done packing to avoid forgetting anything. It pays to be extra cautious especially when your family’s safety is on the line.

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