Don’t have a vehicle when SHTF? Here are 6 possible alternatives
09/16/2020 / By Arsenio Toledo / Comments
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Don’t have a vehicle when SHTF? Here are 6 possible alternatives

When disaster strikes, it’s always a good idea to be extra prepared by figuring out alternative transport solutions. This is especially relevant given that, because of the number of cars on the road in America right now, a lot of people might end up fighting over what little fuel is left. Here are six possible alternative transport options that you can look up and possibly procure. (h/t to

Steam-powered vehicles

While this option is not recommended for those who do not have a lot of mechanical experience, steam-powered vehicles, such as steam cars and steamboats, might be handy if you know how to work a steam engine.

A steam engine is not as effective as a modern car’s internal combustion engine. But, if you’re the tinkering sort and you only need to travel short distances in a lightweight vehicle, putting together a steam engine powered by anything from wood to coal should be considered an option, even if it’s a last resort.


If you only need to travel short distances, something simpler might work better for you, such as a handcart. A two-wheeled handcart can carry several hundred pounds of gear and supplies.

If you’re planning to trade with a trusted settlement a few miles away from your location, how difficult it will be for you to get there with your handcart will depend on the terrain, the weather, your physical strength and the quality of your cart. (Related: Low-tech transportation tools for the prepper: Do you have a wagon, wheelbarrow or yard cart?)


Before the advent of the modern automobile, many people used oxen to carry themselves and their supplies over long distances. As Americans settled further west, many were brought over to their new homes with the help of Conestoga wagons, large wagons that were usually pulled by oxen and could carry up to six tons of cargo.

While not as fast as other animals, they are very smart, easy to train and can haul a lot more cargo. They also live off the land very well, and when the time comes, they can be butchered for their meat.


Before the first cars began taking over America’s roads, horses were the most common and efficient means of transportation that mankind up until that point had ever discovered. When disaster strikes and fuel becomes difficult to procure, people can always turn to horses.

Horses will not only be able to bring you over different kinds of terrain, they can also be used to haul different kinds of items such as wagons and sleds and even farm equipment, if you’re looking for an extra helping hand around your homestead. Riding horses and training them for survival is difficult, so if you want to get any actual use out of a horse for when SHTF, you need to get one and start training them now.


If you live along the coast or very close to any kind of waterway, getting a boat can be a very useful way of traveling and should not be discounted as a possible route for bugging out. However, much like cars, many boats require fuel in order to be operated. So, if you want to take advantage of the fact that you live near a large body of water, you need to invest in a sailboat or even a rowboat if the waterway isn’t too deep.


Bicycles are perhaps one of the best and easiest means of transportation that you can adapt to if you can no longer rely on cars. Learning how to ride a bike is simple, most bike models can traverse a lot of difficult off-road terrain and how much gear you can take with you and how far you can go all depend on your strength.

How much you can carry can be augmented by purchasing a cargo trailer that you can hitch onto the back of your bike, and how far you can travel in a day can be extended by simply riding your bike farther each day.

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