See IN STOCK preparedness items from the Health Ranger Store at new site
08/21/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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See IN STOCK preparedness items from the Health Ranger Store at new site

Because of skyrocketing demand for storable food, immune-boosting nutrients and preparedness items, many of the products that people want (and need) are difficult to find in stock. The food shortages are real, and even many nutritional supplements are hard to come by as people stock up on antioxidants (like vitamin C) and minerals that interfere with viral replication such as zinc.

To help you find products that are IN STOCK and available to ship right now, we’ve launched a new site called that brings you real-time, in-stock items that I’ve personally selected as preparedness or survival items. These include food, first aid, emergency tools, supplements and a wide variety of items that preppers will find to be critical during times of social chaos or pandemics. will also feature exclusive podcasts and survival gear videos that teaches you about food storage security, sprouting, how to defend your stored food supplies and similar topics. Those podcasts and videos are coming over the next few days and will be live on the site, so check back for those.

We are producing “Ranger Buckets” certified organic storable food, but the throughput is slowed by labor shortages and limited food supplies

We are producing Ranger Buckets, which are lab-tested, certified organic storable food products with a genuine long-term shelf life (not the bogus, fraudulent claims of “20 year shelf-life” from the popular storable food companies that lie to their own customers). We are producing them as quickly as we can, using in-house automation machines for vacuum packing each finished bulk food item. However, there are two things that are interfering with our ability to get more Ranger Buckets finished:

1) Extreme labor shortages caused by the insane U.S. government paying people to stay home and not work during the pandemic lockdowns.

2) Extreme shortages of food raw materials grown by U.S. farmers, also due to pandemic lockdowns.

As a result, we are often lacking key ingredients needed to finish out the Ranger Buckets. As each raw material gets delivered to us, we quarantine the raw materials and hold them for lab testing. We then conduct lab testing for heavy metals, glyphosate, e.coli, salmonella and bacteria / yeast / mold, which requires several days due to the incubation periods required by the testing instruments.

Once the raw materials pass all those tests, we then release them to production, where the food products are manufactured in-house, in our Texas facility which is USDA certified organic, audited and inspected by both the USDA and the FDA. (We are also GMP-compliant.)

All this leads to slower production times compared to companies that conduct no testing and don’t really care what’s in their storable food. That’s why you often hear about e.coli contamination from food factories: Because they aren’t testing for e.coli! (That’s a nasty bug that can kill you, and you definitely don’t want it in your stored food products for survival use.)

Legitimate scientific testing takes time. Please understand that we are getting our products to you as quickly as we can, but we do not compromise on food safety or lab testing. The testing is part of our in-house process, and we don’t skip it just because products are out of stock.

This is why you can know with 100% certainty that products purchased from us will absolutely not contain high heavy metals, toxic concentrations of glyphosate or deadly bacterial strains that are frequently found in food products.

And we don’t sell anything made with MSG, GMO food ingredients, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or other toxic “junk” ingredients that characterize the storable foods industry today.

So check for real-time IN STOCK items, and as we produce more Ranger Buckets, sealed #10 cans of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and mini-buckets of individual ingredients, you’ll see them appear in real time at the PrepWithMike websites.

We thank you for your support, and our entire team is working very hard to bring you more safe, lab-tested, certified organic solutions to help you survive the chaos that has now arrived.

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