Everyone “self identify” as Black and we all get reparations!
08/02/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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Everyone “self identify” as Black and we all get reparations!

Are you race fluid? Because it only makes sense that if a person is allowed to fluidly change at any given moment from a biological man or woman into the other gender, that any person can fluidly self identify as Black, and then receive slavery reparations. Right? This is the Democrat and Liberal logic, so let’s roll with it. Let’s break it down, nice and simple here. There’s gender fluidity, where a grown man can put on a wig and some lipstick and stroll right into the girl’s locker room at the gym (or Target bathrooms) and disrobe, and it’s all good, because he self-identifies as a 9-year-old girl.

Then there’s race and ethnicity fluidity, where you can be a White person and change your mind one day and self-identify as a Black person, or go from Black to White, or any race or creed instantly. It’s the same as switching religions or your opinions about politics. So if you’re not Black now, just switch. According to Obama, a simple social media post or a note from some foreign doctor shall suffice, in the legal sense. That immediately entitles you to reparations from all White people, because White people were responsible for installing slavery in America, and those were your fluid ancestors who suffered. Are we making clear sense yet?

Illegal immigrants can self-identify as American citizens and instantly become legal

Remember in 2015 when universities all across America starting teaching students that gender is NOT biological, but rather a fluid concept not based in biology at all. Never was biological, never will be, they say. Don’t bother looking in every single biology book ever printed for facts, because Politico already fact-checked it, along with FactChecker.com and Zuckie’s Fakebook. Yes, embrace gender-neutral pronouns or get fired, blasphemed and ostracized. Get banned from all social media platforms if you dare even question gender fluidity, the state of mind that has nothing to do with actual science at all. And that brings us to immigration reform.


Every Democrat in America, whether they “think so” or not, supports gender fluidity, race fluidity, ethnic fluidity, no police, no jails, no borders, no arresting domestic terrorists. That is the platform and ultimate mission of those leading the Democrats, and everyone who votes for Democrats on any level votes for all of that. Period. Because that is what you will get.

That is why all illegal immigrants right now can “self-identify” as legal American citizens, and they should be free of all this supposed fascist government “tyranny” and white supremacy that’s coming from the White House. Right? Have you seen the movie “Idiocracy” yet? It’s real life for every Democrat right now. That’s why you can’t have an intelligent discussion ever again with a Democrat, so don’t try.

It’s official. Sleepy Joe Biden has chosen Camacho as his VP. The following is a real slice of life for the Democrats of 2021. This is what all Democrats are voting for in November:

All White people in America need to self-identify as Black if Biden wins, then we ALL get reparations

Did you know there are six “gender identity” choices on most California university admissions applications? Yes, and there are biology classes at these same universities, so it’s very difficult to imagine the hypocrisy in the classrooms, shifting back and forth from real science to fake science, over and over again. That’s where the lies really start and are bred into society. Obama made sure of that in his eight silent but deadly years.

So now, we must submit to the insanity, but to our advantage. We must all self-identify as Black, so we can get that money we’re entitled to, because our mental-fluid-ancestors suffered so much.

Thanks Obama for the brain wash cult that’s got everyone so confused and upside down. It’s called rapid onset gender dysphoria and it’s as misguided and twisted as BLM and Antifa calling themselves “peaceful protesters.” Don’t forget, it was Obama that made it so immigrants can change the sex on their official U.S. documents by simply showing a letter, a transgender “memo” from a foreign doctor. When did Obama make this legal? On his last full day in office.

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Wait a second. Here’s a thought. Everyone just self-identify as someone who already has antibodies to beat Covid-19. It’s an all-natural, fluid solution!

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