Everyone needs to switch to the BRAVE browser NOW as censorship wipes entire sites off the ‘net
07/14/2020 / By Lance D Johnson / Comments
Everyone needs to switch to the BRAVE browser NOW as censorship wipes entire sites off the ‘net

After successfully running a non-profit journalistic enterprise for twenty years, VDARE is now facing extreme and torrential censorship. The site focuses on preserving American heritage and debates the issues around unrestricted mass immigration to the United States, both legal and illegal.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated VDARE a “white supremacist hate group” and has targeted the organization’s founder, Peter Brimelow, stereotyping him as a “white nationalist.” Like all conservative websites that are being targeted by the Left, VDARE is not allowed to defend itself, not allowed due process, and has been subjected to censorship and de-platforming from social media platforms, among other channels on the web.

Domain name registrars and web browsers now engaging in political censorship

The Left’s censorship, unrestrained, is now being taken to a whole new level. VDARE’s advancement officer, Lydia Brimelow just announced that the website is being taken off the domain name registrar, banished from web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge and forced to operate on the Dark Web.

Network Solutions, VDARE’s domain name registrar, warned the website owners that they have violated the “acceptable use policy” and now have “10 days’ before their account will be terminated. Their domain has been up and running for twenty years.

Lydia Brimelow said Network Solutions “gave no specific reasons beyond alleged violations of its Acceptable Use Policy, but said ‘we consider your continued use of our services a serious issue and risk to our business and corporate reputation.’”

In other words, the domain name registrar, who handles the reservation of web addresses, can now engage in politically-motivated censorship to shut down an entire organization and force it offline completely.

Without the registration, Brimelow explained, “VDARE.com would be inaccessible on normal web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.” She said that VDARE is fighting this censorship with a legal challenge, but in the meantime plans to take their site to the Dark Web.

Switch to BRAVE browser now and prepare to access your favorite sites via Tor sessions

If you don’t want to live in a world dictated by the totalitarian Left, you need to prepare now and switch to the BRAVE browser and prepare to access your favorite sites via Tor sessions. The internet is no longer open and free. Public opinion is constantly being manipulated by the puppeteers that control the internet. Public discourse and American democracy is being destroyed online as one realm of political thought dominates the net. As VDARE is pushed into the Dark Web, it’s now apparent that the totalitarian Left will not allow any discourse on immigration, American history, English, American culture and heritage.

VDARE is suggesting that its readers switch to TOR, an internet browser that focuses on user privacy and security. TOR is the internet browser that allows anyone to access the websites that have been blacklisted, banished from web search engines, and not serviced by domain registrars. As censorship deepens, VDARE urges everyone to prepare for a purge of websites from the domain registrars: “We suggest TOR to readers as a prudent workaround in this threatening time.”

“If we fail to find a new domain registrar, the ONLY way you will be able to continue reading VDARE.com is via the “Dark Web”—using the TOR browser,” VDARE says. In order to access the site in the future, VDARE posted their tor address.

To use TOR, you can download and install it @ https://www.torproject.org/. Alternately, you can open a private window using TOR on the Brave browser https://brave.com/ and save the tor address as a bookmark.

From preserving the integrity of the political system to defending national security, the topic of immigration should be open for discussion — not shut down, not censored off the internet and not deemed “white supremacist hate speech.” This will not be the only topic that could be censored off the internet and forced to the Dark Web. If the Left’s extreme censorship continues unabated, then many websites may go dark in the coming months and years ahead, turning the internet into a one-world-order where speech is unilaterally controlled by a one party dictatorship of thought.

Read more about the degradation of free speech at Censorship.news.

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