Bug out survival planning: Where to bug out and how to set up caches
06/26/2020 / By Zoey Sky / Comments
Bug out survival planning: Where to bug out and how to set up caches

Before SHTF, a prepper already has a bug-out plan finalized, with several routes to their bug-out location. If you’re a non-prepper who wants to set up a secure hideout, here are some tips that can help you draft your bug-out plan. (h/t to SurvivalistPrepper.net)

When to bug in and when to bug out

Not all survival scenarios will require you to bug out. In fact, if you’re facing the scenarios below, it might be better if you bug in, or hunker down, until the situation improves.

  • A chemical or bioweapon attack
  • Civil unrest
  • Economic collapse
  • Viral outbreak

Potential bug-out locations

Ideally, your bug-out location is a secure cabin out in the woods, with a supply of food, water and ammunition for your firearms. But this isn’t always the case for most preppers. (Related: Hiding in plain sight: Keep a low profile and make your bug-out location inconspicuous.)

If you don’t have the budget for a cabin hideout, below are other alternatives.

Stay with a family member or a close friend you can trust

In worst-case scenarios, having someone you trust can do wonders for your morale. If you’re living in a cramped apartment in the city, consider talking to a close friend in the suburbs and teaching them about the importance of prepping.

When SHTF, they might be willing to let you stay if you can help them become more self-sufficient by teaching them some of your survival skills.

Campgrounds or wilderness areas

While campgrounds may be familiar territory to outdoorsy folk like preppers, this means that when disaster strikes, like-minded people such as hunters and fishermen may also flock to campgrounds.

This can make it harder for you to set up a hideout without having to compete with other people for resources.

Join a prepper group

While people value their privacy, it may be best to team up with other preppers so you have a better chance of surviving post-SHTF. If you find a prepper group you can trust, you’ll have allies who understand that prepping is a lifestyle and not just a temporary hobby.

With a group, you can split the costs and tasks necessary to maintain your hideout. As a bonus, you can find members with special skills that will improve your chance of surviving a long-term SHTF scenario.

Purchase land for your bug-out location

If you have the funds, buy property for your hideout. Before you spend your money, spend some time determining what you need to keep your bug-out location up and running, such as a nearby source of water and good soil for farming, among other factors.

Setting up survival caches

Once you’ve decided on a bug-out location, build your hideout and stock up on supplies before SHTF. Next, you must plan where to hide your survival caches.

Even if your bug-out bag (BOB) is ready to go, it’s good to have access to survival caches along the route to your hideout so you can resupply if you need to.

Depending on the terrain, here are some options for your survival cache containers:

  • Garbage cans or barrels – Use either plastic or metal garbage cans or barrels. While these containers are bigger than the other options in the list, you need to make sure the items inside stay dry. When burying a garbage can underground, you must create a waterproof seal.
  • PVC tube – While smaller than a garbage can, PVC is designed to be buried underground. You can also choose from different sizes if you want a smaller or bigger container for your survival cache. Use a tough sealant to lock and seal the end caps to keep your cache waterproof.
  • Storage containers – Sturdy storage containers are also a great option for survival caches. Choose a high-quality container to ensure that your cache is weather-resistant. Like with the PVC tube option, you need to use a sealant to keep your supplies dry even if they’re left in a hidden location for a long time.

Finalize your bug out emergency plan, secure a safe hideout location and stock up on supplies so you can bug out when SHTF.

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