VAPE WARNING: If you vape, you could be leading your health down a dark road, but there is a “light” at the end of the tunnel
06/01/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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VAPE WARNING: If you vape, you could be leading your health down a dark road, but there is a “light” at the end of the tunnel

If you quit smoking to vape, you just gave up some of the most toxic ingredients in anything humans “consume,” so good for you. The FDA will say you made a mistake, and that vaping is just as bad for you as cigarettes, but that’s a total crock. But, if you want to quit nicotine altogether, there’s a natural remedy that raises dopamine levels naturally and helps people not only quit smoking, but quit vaping too. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s finish talking about how great the human body feels after quitting cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain deadly pesticides, including insecticide and genetically modified organisms. Cigarettes contain ammonia that’s used to freebase the nicotine to make it up to 100 times stronger. Cigarettes contain bleach from the white paper and formaldehyde that’s used to embalm dead people. That feeling when the nicotine wears off from the previous cigarette is called the “cigarette hangover” or the “chemical hangover.”

Those are all deadly chemicals that are purposely embedded in commercial cigarettes to keep you addicted and to give you cancer, and the U.S. government (not just Big Tobacco) makes a fortune off your sicknesses. Why? Nearly every politician invests in Big Pharma, including promoting cigarettes and vaping.

Smoking cigarettes is on the decline as total U.S. smokers reduced from 45 million to 35 million, now that vaping is popular

Yes, old school smoking of cancer sticks is on the decline, and that’s a really good thing. Still, most people who vape are still using nicotine, and that’s a major problem in and of itself. Keep reading.

The main ingredients in typical “e-liquid” or “vape juice” are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavorings (some natural and some artificial). For the most part, PG and VG are non-toxic, organic compounds the FDA says are safe for consumption (except for people who are allergic to PG). Is your throat irritated? Get off the PG. It’s what they put in inhalers too. Long-term health detriment for the short-term relief may not be worth it.

Whereas VG can have a sweet taste and produces bigger clouds because it’s thicker than PG, there’s bad news that comes with VG too. Got respiratory phlegm in your throat and gunk in your coils? That’s the VG.

Not to worry though, there’s no “anti-freeze” used in vape juice. That would be ethylene glycol. Just a bad rumor.

Nicotine is BAD NEWS, whether you’re smokin’, vapin’, dippin’ or chewin’

Hey, let’s talk nicotine now, and drop all the rest of the worries about vaping, because nicotine is the third most addictive drug in the world. Once your body becomes accustomed to using it, you will produce less and less dopamine naturally, waiting for your fix up to 40 times a day. This is very bad.

What happens is people slip into a slow-baked depression. The uppers, over and over, throughout the day and even the night do chronic damage to the human immune system, the central nervous system, the synapse firings in the brain, and the organ cleansing system. As blood vessels constrict, less oxygen and nutrients travel through the body, and the price you pay for that is devastating.

Some nicotine users literally lose their finger tips and toe tips after years of nicotine use and abuse. The blood just doesn’t circulate to the extremities anymore. Vision and hearing loss are common too. Taste bud deficiencies are normal for nicotine users. So how can they quit this highly addictive drug? Simple. Boost dopamine production levels with a safe, effective, natural, science-proven superfood called Mucuna. A cutting-edge supplement beverage “shot” called Krave Kicker contains mucuna and vitamin B-12, both essential to people trying to kick nicotine cravings. Worth a look.

Tune your internet dial to and learn more about natural remedies that make you feel great, so you don’t even think about smoking or vaping, and you can live a long, healthy, prosperous life full of reward and happiness.

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