Home security 101: Fortify your home with a smart doorbell
12/26/2019 / By Grace Olson / Comments
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Home security 101: Fortify your home with a smart doorbell

Advancements in technology have made it easier to protect homes, but thieves and intruders are getting smarter as well. A nondescript way to increase the security of your home is by using a smart doorbell. (h/t to ThePreppingGuide.com)

Advantages of using a smart doorbell

Home security is a must. You can install high fences and large imposing security cameras. However, installing these suggests to potential criminals that there might be something valuable inside your home. As the old saying goes, things are better hidden in plain sight.

A smart doorbell is one of the ways to do that. It looks like a regular doorbell, but it is equipped with advanced technological features – including a camera and a microphone – that can help catch criminals in the act. When a person rings it, it notifies the homeowner through a phone application. It has an additional feature of opening doors remotely.

Here are reasons why you should install a smart doorbell in your home:

1. You can answer the door on your phone

A smart doorbell is connected to an application that you can install on your phone. When a person rings the doorbell, you’ll be able to see who it was. Aside from knowing who the other person is, you can also open the door while doing something else. This is a great way to keep the house safe, especially if there are kids in the house.

2. It can collect images at night

One of the problems with cameras is that not all of them function well at night. The smart doorbell, however, uses infrared LED lights that can capture clear images in dim lighting conditions.

3. It has motion sensors

Even before a person pushes the button, smart doorbells have motion sensors that activate the system. This means that it can start collecting images moments before the event. This can provide crucial information to investigators in case an intruder tries to enter the house.

4. You can connect to other security features

You can connect the smart doorbell to other house security features, including alarms, smart locks and lights. Depending on your settings, a smart doorbell may activate these devices once it senses movement or when somebody presses it.

5. It even has facial recognition

One of the key advantages of smart doorbells is facial recognition. It allows the door to be unlocked by the residents of the house.

Other ways to increase home security

If you can’t afford to install a smart doorbell, there are other ways to increase the security of your home. Try the following tips below:

1. Reinforce your doors

Even if you install a lot of locks, potential intruders can either break the door itself or the door frame. A lot of doors can easily be kicked in, so investing in a sturdy door and door frame should be top priority. Check the market for metal frames and steel doors. (Related: Pro tips: Simple ways to keep your home safe from burglars.)

2. Design your garden and yard defensively

A well-kept yard removes hiding spots for potential intruders. Set up lights and lamp posts in dim areas for added security.

Use plants to your advantage as well. For example, you can grow a vine called catbriar on your fence. Aside from being ornamental, it has thorns that may help keep intruders out. Planting thorny bushes near the windows can also be a preventive measure.

When planting bushes and trees, keep in mind that intruders may hide behind them. Strike a balance by ensuring that you still have a clear view indoors.

3. Plan a safe room

Most intruders are after possessions and the residents of the home are simply casualties. If these criminals do get inside the house, it’s best to have a safe room with a hidden and secure door that will keep you and your family safe until they leave.

4. Set up a decoy safe

A shiny-looking safe is a great bait for criminals. Set up a cheap, decoy safe in the master bedroom or office with fake jewelry and important-looking documents. Make sure that it’s not too easy to find as to not arouse suspicion. The real safe, on the other hand, should be placed somewhere more hidden.

Thieves and intruders are getting smarter and homeowners have to set up extra measures to keep them out. Installing a smart doorbell is a great way to deter them. Employ these security measures to keep your home safe, along with other tips and strategies you can learn at SelfDefense.news.

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