Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons, Lolita Express, the MIT Media Lab, and Bill and Melinda Gates: a trail of kickbacks, corruption, child trafficking, and vaccine fraud
By Ethan Huff // Nov 03, 2019

Just because pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is now being reported dead from alleged suicide doesn't mean that his unspeakably heinous crimes against humanity, including the seemingly interminable trail of scandals associated with his child trafficking enterprises, have fully received justice.


Truth be told, there remain more unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries than definitive answers as to who all was part of Epstein's vast network of child sex predators. More than likely, felonious sex crimes against innocent children are still continuing even in Epstein's absence, which means there's still a whole lot of work to be done in bringing it all to light.

What we do know is that political cronies Bill and Hillary Clinton maintained a close and personal relationship with Epstein over the course of many years, as did faux philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates. And yet, as far as we know, none of these people have been probed for information about the nature of their relationships with Epstein.

The Clintons in particular had long maintained an intimate "business" relationship with Epstein, with Bill having visited Epstein's infamous "pedo" island numerous times via Epstein's personal "Lolita Express" airplane. Bill Gates was also spotted at Epstein's Manhattan mansion on numerous occasions.

As we recently reported, the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was also secretly accepting large cash "donations" from Epstein, as was The New York Times, which coincidentally had Joicho Ito, the now-former head of MIT's Media Lab, on its board of directors.

Some of the biggest names in government, philanthropy, media, and education were all mysteriously connected to Epstein, we now know, which is why the saga can't just be put to rest now that Epstein is supposedly dead. As far as rabbit holes go, in other words, this one runs very deep.

Why did Bill Gates meet with and donate millions of dollars to Jeffrey Epstein AFTER Epstein was convicted of sex crimes in 2008?

It's certainly no secret that Epstein preferred to hobnob with the world's richest and most famous people. And even after he was convicted of sex crimes back in 2008, Epstein maintained many of these relationships as if nothing had changed – and even formed new ones, including with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

The Epstein-Gates relationship reportedly began in 2011, a full three years after Epstein was convicted of luring underage girls to give him massages, after which he would sexually abuse them.

This apparently wasn't a problem for Gates, who regularly visited Epstein's New York City mansion with his entourage, as well as flew on Epstein's private jet. Gates also donated at least $2 million to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Epstein's behalf, for reasons that remain largely unknown.

The Times reportedly obtained a photo taken in 2011 of Gates and Epstein together at Epstein's mansion, along with Jes Staley, who at the time was chief executive officer of investment bank JPMorgan. Staley has since gone on to become the CEO of Barclays.

Another noteworthy individual in that same photo is Boris Nikolic, Gates' former science adviser who was apparently so intimately tied to Epstein that he was named in Epstein's will as the fallback executor of his estate – a position that he has since legally resigned, now that the Epstein saga is being blown wide open for the world to see.

And who could forget Larry Summers, the former Treasury Secretary and National Economic Council director who also hobnobbed with Gates, Epstein, and other rich and famous people in Epstein's circles. At one point, Summers was slated to become chairman of the private Federal Reserve bank, though this never actually materialized.

Everything was fine for Gates and these friends of his until earlier this year when Epstein was arrested for a second time on charges of sex trafficking minors. Gates immediately tried to downplay his relationship with Epstein after the news broke, claiming that he "didn't have any business relationship or friendship" with Epstein, despite all evidence to the contrary.

How Gates can claim this is mind-boggling, seeing as how his "philanthropic" groups donated millions to Epstein's private endeavors. It's also an undeniable fact that Epstein had further solicited seed money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as from JPMorgan Chase, for his various other projects.

A spokeswoman for Gates reportedly told Business Insider in a recent statement that while Gates did, in fact, meet with Epstein on multiple occasions, the nature of their encounters was strictly "philanthropic," and didn't involve any type of socializing or partying together.

"Epstein misrepresented the nature of his meetings with Gates while also working to insert himself behind-the-scenes without Gates' knowledge," this spokeswoman is quoted as saying.

Let's not forget that Gates started meeting with Epstein after his 2008 conviction, which means that Gates had to have known what Epstein was up to, and yet agreed to become "philanthropically" involved with him anyway – and for what?

Was Epstein accepting "philanthropy" dollars from Bill Gates in exchange for illicit personal favors?

It's important to remember that "philanthropy" doesn't always mean what its name implies, especially when it's being thrown around by the "elite." In many cases, philanthropic organizations exist as a means by which to launder money without suspicion, with "charities" taking in money and redirecting it to sex perverts like Epstein.

Many are starting to catch on to the ruse, especially in the aftermath of Epstein's "suicide," which is why questions are arising about the true nature of Gates' alleged "charity" efforts. Somehow, Gates' personal philanthropic fortune increased from around $54 billion in 2010, which is the year he first introduced his Gates Philanthropic Fund, to more than $100 billion today.

How is this possible, you might be asking yourself? We'd like to know the same thing, especially since Gates basically doubled his money right around the time when he was cozying up to Epstein at his lavish Upper East Side abode.

Even the liberal media is now asking the question, if Bill Gates is really so generous that he's supposedly working towards giving away all of his money in order to "end poverty," then how is he now richer than ever before?

In truth, neither the Gates Philanthropic Fund nor the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have anything to do with philanthropy, and everything to do with laundering money for the rich and famous. They're also about pushing faux medicines like vaccines on the developing world in particular as part of a eugenics depopulation plan, which we've covered in the past.

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein both funneled millions to the MIT Media Lab

Somehow, money was shifting hands and ultimately enriching Gates and his cronies, even as these villains were claiming to "help the poor." Both Gates and Epstein had also donated gobs of cash to the MIT Media Lab, which we can only guess was used to fund all sorts of dark deeds that have yet to see the light of day.

Epstein reportedly made two donations to the MIT Media Lab that were worth $1.725 million, and this was after his 2008 conviction. Gates also funneled $2 million to the MIT Media Lab around the same time, which further suggests that Gates and Epstein were in cahoots together despite Gates' insistence that this was not the case.

Following Epstein's second arrest, Gates suddenly started to try to distance himself from Epstein – but the cat was already out of the bag. The evidence shows that Gates, Epstein, and the MIT Media Lab had been closely connected for many years, with Gates' relationship with the school in particular going back decades to at least the year 1999, which is when he donated some $20 million to MIT for a computer lab, which was ultimately named after him.

We also know that Gates' later donations to MIT were "directed by Jeffrey Epstein," meaning they were put towards programs for which Epstein had been trying to raise money. What this means, of course, is that Gates was funding the endeavors of a convicted child sex predator, for which there simply is no valid excuse or justification.

What about President Trump?

As you probably know, there was also a time when businessman Donald Trump, now the United States president, was seen with Epstein, including at his Mar-a-Lago Club resort. As the story goes, when Trump found out about Epstein's predilection for women "on the younger side," he ultimately kicked him out of Mar-a-Lago and never let him return.

But some have wondered why Trump and Epstein were named as co-defendants in a lawsuit that surfaced more recently in 2016, alleging that the two were complicit in the 1994 rape of a 13-year-old girl. This rape supposedly took place at the same Epstein mansion in Manhattan that Gates had also frequented.

While Trump may not have actually engaged in any wrongdoing in this particular case, seeing as how these were mere accusations, Trump did appoint as his Secretary of Labor a man by the name of Alex Acosta who, while he served as a U.S. Attorney for South Florida, let Epstein off with a mere slap on the wrist, essentially.

Acosta also created a non-prosecution agreement that effectively immunized Epstein and his associates from any future state or federal prosecutions associated with Epstein's child sex -trafficking activities. The irony here is that part of Acosta's job description as labor secretary was to supposedly monitor sex trafficking and child prostitution pursuant to both domestic laws and international treaties.

But once again, Trump is said to have disavowed Epstein and ultimately banned the guy from his Mar-a-Lago Club, and the focus is now on other major players like the Clintons, whom we know for sure were part of Epstein's inner circle up until the time he was reportedly found dead in his jail cell.

Bill Clinton was pals with Jeffrey Epstein, and visited his "pedo" island often

Arguably the most evil people in the world, Bill and Hillary Clinton were Epstein confidants. Bill is said to have traveled on Epstein's "Lolita Express" airplane at least 11 times, and was often accompanied by two of Epstein's female associates who are believed to have provided dozens of underage girls to their "boss," as well as to his "well-connected friends," which presumably included Bill.

A flight log published by the DailyMail Online (U.K.) reveals that Bill was also a regular visitor to Epstein's "pedo" island, as were all sorts of Hollywood actors, including Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey.

Spacey, as you may recall, was accused of molesting an underage boy during one of these escapades to "pedo" island, to which he tried to claim protected LGBTQP status as a cover.

By suddenly emphasizing the fact that he's a homosexual, Spacey hoped to avoid all punishment for his pedophile tendencies, which is some ways actually worked. The same is true for Bill who, as a protected member of the Clinton Family Crime Cartel, continues to roam free, along with his criminal wife who similarly has yet to face the music for her countless evil deeds.

While it's certainly possible that Bill didn't actually know about everything that was going on at "pedo" island, it's highly improbable that he was completely oblivious to it all those years. Trump figured it all out, so what's Bill's excuse?

The only logical conclusion is that Bill was in on it the whole time, which seems to be a given now that it's been revealed that Epstein actually featured a bizarre painting of Bill wearing a blue dress and high heels in his Manhattan mansion.

The Clintons also have their own "philanthropic" organization, as you're probably aware. And just like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation is fraught with its own fair share of scandals, including the $37 million in cash that went missing back in 2010.

At the time, the Clinton Foundation had sent a $37 million check to the so-called Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund in Baltimore, Maryland, except there was just one problem: The Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund was actually located in Washington, D.C.

Where that money went, we can't really say. But one thing is for sure: It didn't make it into the hands of any Haitians in need, which is where the Clintons claimed it went. Was Epstein in any way involved with this financial diversion – and more importantly, was there sex trafficking involved?

Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the entire world with your money while making himself filthy rich

As for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, there appears to be a similar pattern of questionable activity, as the organization continues to grow richer and richer as the rest of the world grows poorer and poorer. It's almost as if these "charities" are really just kickback scams to push some kind of secret agenda or something...

It's no secret that Gates is a vocal proponent of mass vaccination, which as we earlier touched on, is all about sterilizing the "undesirables" and reducing the world's population. We also know that Gates' evil endeavors are shared with other alleged philanthropy groups like Rotary International and the International Red Cross, not to mention Big Pharma and its mass-drugging agenda.

When you really take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it becomes abundantly clear that the deep state, in collusion with academia, philanthropies, the mainstream media, and education, are all working towards the same globalist end – and Jeffrey Epstein was a key player that linked them all together.

This is why it's all too convenient that Epstein has suddenly been removed from the equation. Dead men don't talk, and this is the best possible scenario for those with whom Epstein was acquainted, as well as those with whom we know he was closely connected, the most prominent being Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Gates and Epstein were colluding with MIT and communist China to develop AI robots that would enslave the world

China, believe it or not, is also implicated in all of this, as several Chinese companies that had previously been working with none other than the MIT Media Lab on artificial intelligence (AI) projects have since been blacklisted by the Trump administration, the most recognizable of which is probably Huawei Technologies Co., which is deeply involved in the worldwide 5G rollout.

Again, the rabbit hole goes very deep, as the MIT Media Lab, which we know was being funded by Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, appears to have been colluding with communist Chinese interests on projects like the MIT Intelligence Quest initiative, which was working on developing "human and machine intelligence."

In other words, MIT, with the financial help of Gates and Epstein, was working with communist China to develop AI robots that we can only guess were intended to make humans "obsolete" in the workforce. These AI robots were also likely intended to enslave humanity under globalist control, which is only possible using an advanced 5G network, such as the one that's right now being implemented all around the world.

The fact that 5G is still being rolled out virtually unimpeded, despite Epstein's "death," suggests that the globalist agenda is still moving forward with funding from other sources. This is why Americans need to continue asking the hard questions and demanding answers.

The blood of potentially MILLIONS of innocent children is crying out for justice!

We simply must get to the bottom of everything that Epstein was up to all these years, as well as expose everyone who was working with him in order to advance the agenda. It also seems obvious that Epstein wasn't at the top of the food chain, so to speak, which means that more names need to come out, and more heads need to roll.

We also need to figure out if Epstein is really even dead, as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, suspects that Epstein may have simply been swapped out of his cell in order to prevent him from being murdered.

Photo evidence suggests that the guy who was rolled out on a stretcher that day wasn't actually Epstein because he had a completely different nose than Epstein's.

Epstein might just have been the key to bringing down the entire deep state apparatus, hence why he's now vanished from existence. Epstein surely had the dirt on many other evil folks just like himself who've been not only trafficking children but also blackmailing politicians and engaging in all sorts of Satanic ritualistic behavior as part of their wicked cult activities.

Adams further suggests that the Clintons may have silenced Epstein by "Arkanciding" him before he had the chance to "sing" about all that he knew. This is a definite possibility, seeing as how there's mysteriously no video footage whatsoever of Epstein killing himself, nor is there any definitive proof that the body carried out of the jail house was actually Epstein's.

"Because the evidence is being so aggressively covered up, none of us have proof (yet) that any particular narrative is accurate," Adams writes. "One thing we know for sure, however, is that the establishment media is lying to us all."

"All this brings us to the possibility that Jeffrey Epstein may still be alive, and he may be in U.S. military custody where he is about to offer all kinds of video recorded testimony naming all the high-level Democrats who paid him money to sexually abuse teen girls and boys," Adams adds.

"Or, perhaps, this is all just wishful thinking and the truth is that Epstein is dead as a rock. Dead men don't talk. And they especially don't talk about the Clintons," he concludes.

The Epstein saga is one that will only continue to unfold in the weeks and months to come as more and more information comes to the surface. Pay attention, ask questions, and most importantly don't believe everything that the establishment claims as fact simply because it feels like the consensus. In this age of deception, everything needs to be questioned and scrutinized.

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