Fake journalist Andrea Mitchell plays enabler for the seditious deep state by complaining about Justice Department’s criminal probe into “Spygate” origins
10/28/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Fake journalist Andrea Mitchell plays enabler for the seditious deep state by complaining about Justice Department’s criminal probe into “Spygate” origins

Anyone with a pair of brain cells to rub together and a sense of fairness knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama, in the final months of his tenure, directed politicized elements of the deep state in a coup attempt against the campaign of a legitimate major party opponent — Donald Trump.

“Spygate” as it’s come to be known, involved the use of the American intelligence and federal law enforcement communities, along with global assets, in an attempt to set up the Trump campaign — and, later, the president and his administration — in a scandal that would result in his termination.

The plot continues to this day, the latest iteration of which is the fake impeachment inquiry based on a phony charge of impropriety involving a conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Throughout all of this, the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream” media has dutifully played its part, reporting false narratives and uncorroborated garbage as though it were factual and verified.

Last week, as NewsTarget reported, Attorney General William Barr’s review of the origins of Spygate, which he announced shortly after he was confirmed to his post earlier this year, has turned into a criminal probe.

That means Barr and the U.S. attorney he assigned to the case, John Durham, have found sufficient evidence to suggest that laws were broken in the process of setting up a spying operation against the Trump campaign and the Trump administration.

The National Sentinel reported that, according to sources, former top FBI lawyer James Baker — stung by lies and caught up in the scandal unwittingly — is cooperating with Durham and Barr. 

But of course, the garbage media continues to run interference for the Obama deep staters who are no doubt in the crosshairs of the Barr Justice Department. Count NBC News’ long-time propagandist Andrea Mitchell among them.

After news of the criminal probe broke, Mitchell tried to downplay it as part of a “conspiracy theory” that President Trump has been pushing. 

Circling the wagons to protect the guilty — that’s the mainstream media for you

“But we begin here in Washington, where the Justice Department is pursuing a criminal investigation into its own investigators,” Mitchell said as she led off her Friday show on MSNBC. 

Then she warned viewers: “Elevating what had been widely denounced as a conspiracy theory, into the origins of the Mueller probe, to a potentially threatening new level.”

At that point, Mitchell turned to White House correspondent Kristen Welker, complaining that “the president, you know, has been calling this a hoax all along. Is this going to validate his suspicions, his theory, or is there something more going on?”

To which Welker quickly turned to Democrat Party talking points blasting the probe, Newsbusters noted:

Well, it has certainly opened up President Trump to that type of criticism, Andrea. Particularly you have Jerry Nadler saying, “Look, this is essentially the President using the Justice Department to attack his political enemies.”

Riiiiight. Because only President Trump uses the Justice Department to “attack his political enemies.” Obama…nooooo….he’d never do that.

Next, Mitchell turned to a common mainstream media trick to ‘prove’ her point that Barr’s decision to open a criminal probe was nothing more than ‘politicization’ of the original inquiry: She began quoting selectively from friendly allies like former Justice Department official David Laufman, who said the probe now has a “political taint.”

Mitchell didn’t say that Laufman played a key role in the Hillary Clinton and “Russian interference in the 2016 election” probes — two sham ‘investigations’ which were designed to clear Hillary and promote a false narrative.

There was more to this crap interview, including Mitchell claiming that all Obama-era “conclusions” about the “origins of the Russia probe” have been “universally accepted” — except that they haven’t been, which explains Barr’s decision to make the probe a criminal investigation.

What will they say when the indictments start rolling out? ‘It’s so political,’ of course.

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