video platform rolls out huge new features next week: Channel subscribes, video categories, video likes and more
10/08/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments video platform rolls out huge new features next week: Channel subscribes, video categories, video likes and more, the free speech alternative to YouTube, rolls out huge new features next week. We’ve been working diligently for months to re-structure the site with improved data structure, browser compatibility and multiple features. Testing is complete and the R&D team is preparing for a new deploy.

You can join Brighteon at this link, which is currently intended for people who wish to upload videos. Next week, this “new account” page will be simplified to encourage everyone to join, including those who only wish to watch and follow video channels.

This new release will make the following features live:

Automatic video categories

Videos will be automatically placed into categories based on the video title and keyword tags. The entire home page of will be replaced with video categories, featuring the newest and most popular videos (and channels) from each category. “Editor’s choice” goes away, and the new home page is driven entirely by an algorithm that chooses videos based on their categories, views and “freshness” (publish date).

This will allow users to focus on the video categories they prefer.

Here are the categories being launched. Users do not select categories for their videos. Rather, categories are automatically calculated based on your keywords and title. (If you wish to change your video category, just change your keywords or title, and the category will be automatically recalculated. Videos only belong to one category at a time, but that category can be changed by changing your video title and keywords.)

  • Politics & Current Events
  • Health & Medicine
  • Food & Recipes
  • Climate & Environment
  • Survival & Prepping
  • Money & Finance
  • Science & Technology
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Home & Garden
  • Provocative & Curious
  • Entertainment & Humor
  • Culture & Life

Channel subscribes

Once the new Brighteon goes live, new users can sign up without needing to go through a review process. All users can then “subscribe” to the channels they like. When those users log in, their home page will show all the recent videos from the channels they are following.

There is no shadowbanning on Brighteon. We show end users all the videos that are new from the channels they are subscribed to. Video channel owners can also go to their dashboard home page to see how many subscribers they have.

Users can also, of course, unsubscribe from any channel at any time.

Video likes

Users will also be able to click “like” for any video, adding to the likes count for that video. Likes are currently used only as a standalone metric and do not affect search results or the video selection algorithm for the home page. However, channel owners can see aggregate likes and new likes as a gauge for the popularity of their videos.

End users can also unlike a video if they’re already liked it, effectively reversing their like. However, there is not a “vote down” button or a standalone unlike feature.

New features coming soon: Paid premium videos, live streaming, text posts and more has been exhaustively re-engineered over the last year for massive scability and cost reductions in video transcoding and storage. Accordingly, we can now handle billions of video views per month and virtually unlimited new videos being uploaded and stored. Over the last year, we’ve reduced our operating costs by 90% while sharply reducing our reliance on computing infrastructure resources from censorship-crazy upstream tech providers.

While Brighteon isn’t yet 100% censorship proof, it is “censorship resistant” (and getting stronger all the time).

In addition to hosting free speech videos which are often censored by the evil tech giants, Brighteon is being engineered to help documentary filmmakers and premium video content owners monetize their content by offering video purchases.

This will allow end users to purchase premium videos which are added to their library for unlimited future viewing.

Brighteon splits revenues with premium video content creators, then issues monthly payments when earnings exceed US$100.

Our premium video features, being released this calendar year, welcome documentaries which are banned elsewhere, including those banned by Vimeo, which has become part of the criminal techno-tyranny that now threatens diverse ideas and non-conforming views. welcomes documentaries, premium how-to content, instructional videos and more (no porn).

Firearms training videos are also welcomed at

Join at this link, and get ready for a wave of new features being released next week.

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