Journalistic terrorism: Media is a ‘weapon of war’ for radical Liberalism while terrorizing Americans with fake news and bogus hoaxes
09/23/2019 / By News Editors / Comments
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Journalistic terrorism: Media is a ‘weapon of war’ for radical Liberalism while terrorizing Americans with fake news and bogus hoaxes

When President Trump calls the “fake news” media an “enemy of the people,” establishment media personalities start clutching their pearls, gnashing their teeth and declaring “We are not the enemy of the people. I am not your enemy. You are not my enemy. It is wrong to call your fellow Americans the enemy. We are all on the same team. We are all Americans,” as CNN’s Jim Acosta did in October 2018.

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The President knows full well that the liberal establishment media will start immediately chasing their tails the second he makes the statement, and he welcomes that bit of entertainment, but in reality, there has been an increase in factually “inaccurate” (aka fake news) stories, which all lean just one way, against conservatives and against the President.

The bias is documented as studies have found that “pretty much all of journalism now leans left,” as well as finding that in 2016 “more than 96 percent of political donations from journalists went to the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

The American people see the bias as well, as multiple surveys and polls show an increasing amount of respondents see the bias, acknowledge it and believe that the media deserves to be scrutinized just as much as politicians and other high profile personalities, so when journalists like CNN’s Chris Cillizza states “Let me say for the billionth time: Reporters don’t root for a side. Period,” Americans can be excused for laughing their tail ends off.

Does this mean that the media are considered the enemy by only the “right” and only “conservatives?”

Glad you asked!

The answer is no. In October 2017 the Cato Institute found that while 63 percent of Republicans said journalists are the enemy of the American people, 38 percent of Independents agreed, as did 11 percent of Democrats.

Things have only gotten worse in the nearly two years since that comprehensive survey was published.


Before making my argument that the liberal establishment media is actually more of an enemy to their own liberal followers than to conservatives (I know you are thinking WTH, but I will explain below!), lets take a look at this past week’s screw ups, all of which were self-inflicted.

The NYT decided to promote a book by two of their employees about Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, making it sound as if their are new allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but the NYT conveniently neglected to add that the so-called “victim” not only wasn’t the one to make the allegation but refused to be interviewed and told friends she had no recall of any such incident.

That of course was added later as a “clarification” after the NYT received a ton of backlash, and after the story went viral and other liberal news outlets jumped all over the misleading and inaccurate story.

Liberals all across social media, and the Democrat presidential candidates started screeching about impeaching Kavanaugh… why? Because the media misled them yet again.

The other self-inflicted wound for the media was jumping all over a story about a whistle-blower coming forward to claim that President Trump inappropriately asked a Ukrainian official to investigate Joe Biden’s son for his dealing in Ukraine.

Much, much later, after liberals and Democrat politicians, amplified by the establishment media, screamed for Trump to be impeached,we find out the “whistleblower” wasn’t actually present, didn’t hear the conversation and was only told about it by someone else, meaning it was complete hearsay.

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