The Daily Beast: The NRA can be beaten… we just need more dead bodies
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The Daily Beast: The NRA can be beaten… we just need more dead bodies

The Daily Beast, the hard-left site similar to the just-shuttered, allegedly influential left wing site Think Progress, believes that the NRA can be beaten. How? According to Michael Tomasky (pictured above), all it will take is more dead bodies.

(Article by John Boch republished from

Yes, gun control advocates love to dance in the blood of the dead. The more recently dead, the better.

Tomasky vomits forth his unseemly strategy for killing off the nation’s oldest civil rights org.

From The Daily Beast:

Over the holiday weekend, in between various sports and Dorian coverage, I caught a few minutes of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott giving a press conference following the mass shooting in Odessa. Few sights make me sicker than watching Republican politicians after these massacres holding press conferences to reassure people that they’ve got everything under control. No, dude. We have this situation in the first place in part because of people like you. …

I’ve come to think it’s possible to beat the NRA within maybe three or four election cycles. Doing so requires three elements. One, some anti-NRA Democrats beating some pro-gun Republicans in some high-profile races. Two, some Republicans turning against the NRA and living to tell the tale. I’ll get to three later. …

I mentioned a third element. I know this gets a bit ghoulish but let me put it this way. In the face of more murder sprees—which, sad to say, we know will happen—let the NRA continue its intransigence, carry on celebrating with each new state that allows people to tote semi-automatic guns into schools, churches, and airports. As they do, more Republicans like Mast and Curbelo will say they’ve had it. And they’ll turn against the NRA, and they’ll survive. And one day, the power will be broken. It’s sick that it’s taken this many dead bodies and will take that many more. But it will happen, while Wayne LaPierre’s hands are still alive and warm enough to feel the sting of it. (Emphasis added.)

So the left plans to use victims of deranged lunatics and terrorists to achieve their longtime goal of “defeating” the NRA — whatever that means — and imposing more racist, classist and sexist gun control restrictions upon everyday Americans.

But take Tomasky’s opinion for what it’s worth. His latest opus, If We Can Keep It: How the Republic Collapsed and How it Might Be Saved is currently ranked 160,561 in the Amazon listings. And a YouTube video promoting the book has gotten barely 500 views since Valentine’s Day. So not many people are listening to his wisdom.

Clearly the radicals run the roost over at The Beast.

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