Undercover video of Twitter engineers reveals how tech giants have devolved into dangerous left-wing censorship regimes
01/11/2018 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Undercover video of Twitter engineers reveals how tech giants have devolved into dangerous left-wing censorship regimes

Bombshell undercover video from Project Veritas now reveals how social media giant Twitter has been infiltrated and taken over by left-wing cultists who occupy top engineering positions within the company while using those positions to silence all opposing views. In effect, Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube are all run as totalitarian left-wing censorship regimes, where no ideas are allowed to proliferate unless they conform to the mass mental illness (and delusional narratives) of the unhinged Left.

As you’ll see in the videos below, these radicalized left-wing cultists openly admit to all the following things:

  • “Shadow banning” conservative users by covertly making sure their tweets vanish, never to be seen by other users. This insidious form of covert censorship is only applied to the twitter accounts of users who espouse conservative ideas, such as protecting national borders.
  • Secretly spying on the private messages of users and sending those messages to the government without a warrant or an official request.
  • Collaborating with Twitter management to actively silence conservative users while looking the other way when liberal or “progressive” users make open death threats or call for violence. “Liberal” twitter users are essentially given a free pass to say anything they want, including calling for violence against the President.
  • Operating as part of an organized cult of high-tech totalitarians who despise freedom of speech or even the freedom to think. They exploit their positions of power to selectively silence those opinions they don’t like. Much like other left-wing cultists, they claim to be doing all this in the name of “social justice.”

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Watch the bombshell videos from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas

James O’Keefe, who is now emerging as the single most award-worthy journalist operating in North America today, has just released two bombshell videos that detail all this. O’Keefe’s upcoming book — highly recommended — is called “American Pravda: My fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News,” and you can pre-order the book at AmericanPravdaBook.com.

Watch O’Keefe’s videos below to learn the shocking truth about how Twitter (and Google, Facebook, etc.) now operate as a coordinate, radicalized left-wing cult that demands absolute obedience to the twisted, dangerous narratives of the unhinged Left:

Hear my warning of why this radical left-wing “techno cult” must be stopped before it follows in the footsteps of the Third Reich

In my latest Health Ranger Report podcast, I explain why this radicalized left-wing “techno cult” must be stopped. Listen to the full podcast to hear why we are rapidly approaching a time when Google, Twitter and Facebook executives may need to be arrested and imprisoned for their deliberate, systematic violations of the civil rights of users who merely want to exercise their First Amendment rights.

You’ll also learn how the radicalized “techno cult” of the unhinged Left is now echoing the moral justifications for oppression and murder that were historically invoked by Stalinists, Nazi party members and advocates of Mao’s communist “cultural revolution” that carried out mass executions of independent-minded citizens.





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