Health Ranger video demonstrates the ultimate survival shovel you should have in your vehicle or home
01/12/2016 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Health Ranger video demonstrates the ultimate survival shovel you should have in your vehicle or home

(NaturalNews) With things getting ever more dicey in the world around us, we can all benefit from the safety and protection of emergency tools. I’ve just launched the Ranger Gear Multifunction Shovels that provide a multitude of survival tools in a shovel format, and I’ve just posted a video demonstrating how to use this breakthrough tool to start a fire using nothing but grass and bark.

The Ranger Gear Multifunction Shovel can save your life. You should keep one in every vehicle you drive, as its tools can dig a trench, start a fire, chop wood, break glass, scale fish, hoe crop rows for planting seeds, open bottles and much more. See detailed photos below…

Inside the shovel handle, you’ll even find a tourniquet, an emergency whistle, a screwdriver, an ice pick, a handheld wood saw and knife, and of course a magnesium fire starting device (which is what I’m demonstrating in the video).

Check out my demonstration video here.

To film it, I just walked into a forest and gathered the “fuel” needed to get a fire going. Then I used the magnesium fire starter found inside the Ranger Gear Multifunction Shovel and sparked the fire to life.

If you’re stranded on the road, or caught in a grid down scenario in a winter storm, you can use these same tools and skills to start a fire that can keep you warm, boil water and cook food. Knowing how to start a fire without a lighter is a valuable, lifesaving skill. Having the tools to do it is obviously crucial.

Watch my full video below, and then pick up your own Ranger Gear Multifunction Shovel at the following links:

Click here for the BASIC MODEL (more affordable)

Click here for the EXTREME MODEL (more rugged)

Right now, both of them get you a FREE solar lantern with your purchase! Learn more about my entire Ranger Gear product line at

Watch the video below these photos:

(NOTE: No live trees were harmed in this demonstration. The tree was already dead.)

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