Black students in Rice University demanding that they be given a racially segregated SAFE SPACE on campus
06/25/2020 / By Arsenio Toledo / Comments
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Black students in Rice University demanding that they be given a racially segregated SAFE SPACE on campus

The Black Students Association (BSA) at Rice University in Houston, Texas has demanded that they be given a Black-only safe space on campus in the form of a racially segregated “non-residential Black House.” This demand, they say, is part of a way Rice can address its history of “systemic oppression and inequity.”

The BSA’s original list of demands were made public on a social media post on Rice‘s official Graduate Student Association (GSA) page by graduate research assistant and GSA Vice President of Equity and Inclusion Dani Perdue.

“Here are what Black undergraduate students have demanded from Rice University administration,” she wrote in the GSA page. “I hope they are listening! #NoMoreLipService #blacklivesmatter.” (Related: BLM rioters in Olympia, Washington vandalized their mayor’s home in an act of “domestic terrorism” … but she still DEFENDS them.)

“We demand that Rice invest in creating a non-residential Black House that has all the features of a residential college but is specifically made for Black students and Black organizations to congregate and hold events,” said the BSA in a statement of their demands, which were shared by many official Rice University social media accounts, such as the Rice University Students Association.

“We believe it would be best to have a central, safe space that Black students can meet and hangout in anytime of the day.”

Rice is already working on creating a Multicultural Center to highlight the university’s ethnic diversity. The BSA argues that this is not enough, and that they should be given a space that is exclusively theirs.

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Rice’s Black Students Association also wants to scrub away university’s history

The BSA’s list of demands also includes increasing the number of Black students accepted into Rice, increasing the number of Black faculty and staff, hiring more Black therapists and counselors who can provide care for students dealing with “racial trauma” and the removal of the statue of the university’s founder, William Marsh Rice.

William Marsh Rice, known as the richest man in Texas during his lifetime, made his enormous fortune by investing in oil, real estate, lumber, railroads and cotton. Rice also owned at least 15 slaves before the abolition of slavery.

Rice was also a noted philanthropist. He left at least half of his vast fortune to the establishment of Rice University as a tuition-free institution for higher learning. His will did state that it should be a “whites only” institution, but this ruling was overruled and the university was fully desegregated in 1964.

“His legacy is a constant reminder to many Black students of what Rice University used to be like and what it stood for,” wrote the BSA in their list of demands.

Interestingly, the BSA’s letter does not demand that Rice University change its name.

The BSA’s list includes other requests, such as banning “hate speech” (which is already explicitly prohibited in the university’s Code of Conduct), establishing a mandatory class on “systemic racial inequity,” mandatory “diversity training” for student leaders, allowing Black students to request for better lighting for ID photos. They said that many Black students have had “significant issues” with their student IDs, and that the university must represent them properly by giving them better lighting.

One of their demands, however, echoes a call being made by Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement: the abolition of campus security. The BSA stated that Rice must cut ties with the Houston Police Department (HPD) and to gradually decrease the presence of Rice University Police Department (RUPD) on campus, “with the goal of complete abolition.”

The BSA’s full list of demands have received widespread criticism on social media, especially from conservative commentators, such as radio host Jesse Kelly, who said that he remembers protesting against segregation when he was young, and to see students actively calling for segregation is troubling. “If my parents could see us now,” he said.

Rice‘s current conflict with its Black students echoes an ongoing trend in other universities and colleges nationwide that are being asked to accede more and more to the demands of Black students citing “social justice” and “racial injustice.”

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