Man seen training with Antifa identified as author published in NYT
06/23/2020 / By Isabelle Z. / Comments
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Man seen training with Antifa identified as author published in NYT

When Project Veritas published a story about the antifa paramilitary training being carried out in New York City, they shared video footage that was taken by an investigative journalist who went undercover to expose the group’s tactics. The video showed how fighters are taught to avoid arrests while engaging in physical combat.

They were being trained by an antifa fight instructor named “Chris” at The Base, an “anarchist political center” in New York. In the video, “Chris” can be heard explaining the best ways to injure opponents, recommending a “good liver or kidney shot” among other moves and explaining how to chokehold a person.

National Justice is now reporting that one of the men who appeared in the video was Andrew Gittlitz, a journalist and author who also publishes under the name A. M. Gittlitz. According to his personal profile, Gittlitz’s writing is focused on radical politicians, counterculture and the paranormal.

His work has appeared in the New York Times, Salon and Vice, and he is considered a top figure in the Posada communist death cult known as the Posadists.

He belongs to a South Brooklyn communist group whose beliefs, which involve extra-terrestrials, can be traced to J. Posadas. The Argentinian Trotskyist saw nuclear bombs as a way of causing an apocalypse that would usher in communism across the planet. In fact, Posadas claimed that UFOs were actually evidence that communist societies existed in other galaxies.

Last year, Gittlitz went to Cuba to speak on Posadism at an international communist conference and try to recruit new members. He also wrote a book on the topic entitled, I Want To Believe: Posadism and Leftwing UFOlogy.

The leader of the Brooklyn group that Gittlitz is a part of goes by the name “Comrade Communicator” and believes he can speak to aliens. His real name is Yevgeny Lerner, and he is an antifa organizer who is behind the NYC Antifa Twitter account.

Sources told National Justice that in addition to being part of New York City’s antifa scene, Gittlitz produces the Antifada podcast under the name “AP Andy.”

Antifa training and fighting tactics exposed in series of undercover reports by Project Veritas

The video in which he appeared was part of a series of exposés on antifa training posted by Project Veritas. In a different installment, an undercover reporter who managed to infiltrate Rose City Antifa as a “prospect” details how new members have to attend secret lectures during off-hours in a bookstore, leaving their cell phones in a bathroom with a fan running to muffle the sound. The undercover reporter secretly recorded videos in which the group teaches people tactics like gouging people’s eyes and focusing on “destroying your enemy.”

The undercover reports also revealed that the group’s structure is “almost like a company,” appearing to be highly organized and under some sort of very experienced, professional guidance.

Although it may be easy to dismiss Gittlitz’s beliefs given how bizarre they are, the cult’s focus on nuclear weapons combined with the usual antifa political violence is extremely concerning – as is the fact that outlets like the New York Times and Vice are giving these people a platform to promote such dangerous beliefs. Unfortunately, National Justice reported that nearly all of the big names in antifa that they have looked into have worked for mainstream media outlets.

Sources for this article include:

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