Coronavirus surges in Texas: Houston hospitals at max capacity in 11 days… 5,000 new cases per day… YOUNG people now hit the hardest
06/23/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Coronavirus surges in Texas: Houston hospitals at max capacity in 11 days… 5,000 new cases per day… YOUNG people now hit the hardest

There is a real-world cost for complacency, and with many Texans now foolishly declaring the coronavirus a complete hoax, complacency has set in. Thanks to that complacency — and recent left-wing Black Lives Matter protests in Texas cities — confirmed covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising in Texas at an unprecedented rate.

Most importantly, the rate of infections is exploding in young people. As the Texas Tribune reports, “Texans under the age of 30 are testing positive for the new coronavirus at a higher rate than previously seen since the pandemic began, contributing to a recent surge in the number of cases in the state, Gov. Greg Abbott said during a press conference Tuesday.”

This is Texas… it’s not a Democrat-run state that’s rigging the numbers to hurt Trump

While many prominent conservative and independent media outlets have been reporting the coronavirus to be a “hoax” that was attributed to Democrat-run cities like New York, this new explosion of coronavirus infections is taking place in Texas, where the governor (Abbott) is a Republican. There is no reason for Abbott to rig the numbers, especially since Abbott is an ally of President Trump (and Abbott doesn’t want the State of Texas to suffer dire economic consequences from a second lockdown).

According to media reports, hospitals in Houston are just 11 days away from reaching maximum capacity. There are already over 4,000 covid-19 patients in Texas hospitals, with nearly 400 new hospitalizations taking place just yesterday.

Texas is now seeing over 5,000 confirmed infections per day, putting it on par with the infections experienced by the State of New York in March of this year.

According to the Houston Chronicle, by mid-July, Houston’s hospitals will be overrun by covid-19 patients:

A surge in COVID-19 cases since Memorial Day could set the Houston area on track for a peak of 2,000 daily hospitalizations by mid-July, according to a model from a Baylor College of Medicine epidemiologist.

The region’s intensive care units would be overwhelmed by that number of patients, a nearly 50 percent increase from current levels, though thousands of general hospital beds remain available, said Dr. Chris Amos.

“All of the good work that we did, shutting down, closing conferences and conventions … we’re wiping away the success that we collectively achieved, and the sacrifices that people made in March, April and in May,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

NYC nurse proves the coronavirus is real… and it was “weaponized” by NYC hospitals to infect innocent people

The vast majority of independent media readers, of course, dismiss the coronavirus as a “total hoax,” with many now believing there never was a coronavirus at all. Yet that belief was flatly contradicted across the independent media itself over the last two weeks as bombshell stories appeared about a NYC nurse (Erin Olszewski) who went public with undercover videos, revealing that hospitals in NYC were putting non-infected patients in the same room as coronavirus-infected patients, causing the infections to spread and kill more people.

Obviously, that can’t happen if the coronavirus is a “hoax” as is being claimed by many independent and conservative media outlets (many of which, confusingly, carried the story of the NYC nurse but still claim the virus is a hoax).

That nurse even made an appearance on Tucker Carlson:

The coronavirus can’t simultaneously be a hoax and maliciously used to infect patients in NYC. If the virus isn’t real, how did it infect people in NYC hospitals, then?

According to, Texas has seen over 125,000 confirmed coronavirus infections, and over 2,250 deaths. More than 70,000 patients have recovered, and the county worst hit is Harris county (overlaying Houston).

Yet medical “authorities” have lost all credibility by flip-flopping on everything from wearing masks to asymptomatic spread

Adding to the confusion in all this is the fact that the entire medical establishment has lost all credibility with an increasing number of America, mostly thanks to the wishy washy flip-flopping on key issues. For example, in February the U.S. Surgeon General was demanding that Americans stop buying masks, insisting they didn’t work for the general public. Later, he claimed they magically did work after all.

In January, the WHO insisted that the coronavirus wasn’t transmissible via humans, and in June, the WHO claimed there was near-zero asymptomatic spread of the virus among humans, contradicting the entire logical basis for social distancing and masks.

Dr. Fauci is widely known as a vaccine-pushing huckster, and the CDC is now seen to be nothing more than a fraudulent front for Big Pharma and the vaccine industry. Even worse, credible evidence has emerged that U.S. hospitals have been deliberately killing patients with covid-19 infections and “ventilator euthanasia” in order to collect more money from Medicare.

Thus, when so-called health “authorities” claim X number of infections or X number of deaths from covid-19, many Americans flat-out don’t believe them anymore.

And you can’t blame them. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

As a result, the medical establishment has lost any moral authority to demand more lockdowns, masks or mandatory vaccines. Dr. Fauci is the Boy Who Cried Wolf one too many times, and when we all witness the absolute fraud of The Lancet and the medical establishment in their twisted efforts to destroy hydroxychloroquine in order to make sure more patients needlessly suffer and die, we reach the inevitable conclusion that’s now inescapable:

The medical system cares nothing about public health. It only cares about profits. Facts be damned.

And if the situation requires hospitals, doctors and nurses to literally murder patients in cold blood in order to spike the fatality numbers and create more demand for a lucrative Big Pharma vaccine, then that’s exactly what they’re all willing to do (as we’ve now seen multiple times).

So how do we navigate the medical and media lies in order to protect ourselves without overreacting? It’s simple: Rely on nutrition and smart immune support.

If you practice good nutritional habits and support your immune function while taking basic precautions — such as wearing a mask in public places — you can reduce your chances of being killed by the coronavirus to near-zero. No vaccines required.

Note carefully that the dishonest corporate-run media won’t dare tell the American people to consider vitamin D, zinc, magnesium or vitamin C. They don’t want people having the tools to support their own immune function and possibly evade health problems that are being hyped up to amass even more murderous profits for the drug cartels.

In summary, we are now about to see a collision of media lies, conservative complacency, widespread public protests and a genetically engineered biological weapon that’s circulating in the wild. The results won’t be good, and denying the existence of the virus is not a sensible way to attempt to defeat it.

Anyone telling you the coronavirus is a “hoax” is wildly misinformed, of course. As a reminder, we’ve publicly predicted that June and July would be the “complacency” months, with a second wave of infections surging back in August. Perhaps we were too conservatives in our projections (yet again).

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