Antifa occupation of Seattle could be just the beginning of a far worse scenario across the U.S.
06/17/2020 / By Isabelle Z. / Comments
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Antifa occupation of Seattle could be just the beginning of a far worse scenario across the U.S.

If you thought that protestors and groups like Antifa weren’t sophisticated enough to cause real harm, consider what can happen when powerful people support them. Just look at how far they’ve gotten in Seattle, a city whose mayor is fully on board with their efforts to control a six-block section of downtown.

Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show says that in taking over part of a major American city, “Antifa has committed an unmistakable act of war against the United States,” and it’s hard to argue with that. They’ve asked armed anarchists to join their efforts, and they even forced police to abandon one of their precincts.

Those entering the area are greeted with a hand-written message saying “You are now leaving the USA,” implying they believe the area is some sort of country even though no government recognizes it.

They’re making demands like releasing all inmates, disbanding all of the police departments throughout the nation, giving amnesty to every illegal migrant, putting rent controls in place, creating racially segregated medical care, and forsaking meat. It’s pretty clear to all but the most clueless among us that this has little to do with racial equality.

Many people fear this is only the beginning, and Hodges has a clear vision of what could happen next, now that we’ve already seen public officials literally bowing before these people. He says with our main line of defense, the police, under attack, “In the aftermath we will be ruled by war lords and eventually the blue helmets of the United Nations.”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan was the one who gave orders pulling police and barricades from the neighborhood after standoffs between law enforcement and protestors grew dangerous. After officers cleared the East Precinct police station of their personal belongings, valuable equipment and sensitive documents, they boarded up the windows and left the neighborhood. It didn’t take long for far-left protesters and activists from groups like Black Live Matters and Antifa to take control and set up barricades around the occupied land, which they are now protecting with armed guards.

Fights, intimidation, rapes, robberies and shakedowns

It almost sounds like a parody, with the “No Cop Co-Op” area giving out free snacks, a therapy tent set up so people can talk about their feelings, and a stage for people to give speeches and screen films.

But fights are breaking out there at all hours of the day and night, sometimes due to outside instigators and others stemming from heated debates within the zone. Witnesses and media members are routinely blocked from filming fights, with masked people bumping into those trying to record with their phones or standing in front of photographers. Activists have also been posting the names and photos online of people they believe will portray the area negatively, Jason Rantz writes in Newsweek, so that people on the ground can cause problems for them.

People who showed up to the zone with American flags were mobbed, and a street preacher was choked, pinned to the ground, and forcibly kissed, repeatedly, by another man.

The chief of the Seattle Police Department, Carmen Best, has said the zone is preventing police from responding to 911 calls for “rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts” taking place in the area. She said response times to 911 calls there have effectively tripled from less than five minutes to roughly 18 minutes.

The Seattle Police Department has also received reports that armed people in the zone serving as enforcers are demanding business owners pay them for their protection and may be demanding that people who live in the area provide identification.

Seattle might just be the beginning. Some groups are hoping to set up similar zones in other areas; a group in Nashville is trying to start up its own autonomous zone, while there was a failed attempt in Portland over the weekend.

The head of Seattle’s police union, Michael Solan, called Seattle’s decision to abandon the precinct and allow the zone to be set up “the closest I’ve seen to our country becoming a lawless state.”

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