After 9/11, liberals begged the country not to be bigoted toward all Muslims, so why are they bigoted towards ALL cops now, when only a few committed this latest atrocity?
06/16/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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After 9/11, liberals begged the country not to be bigoted toward all Muslims, so why are they bigoted towards ALL cops now, when only a few committed this latest atrocity?

All of a sudden every liberal in America is screaming at the top of their lungs that “all cops are bastards.” That’s what the acronym ACAB stands for, in case you were unaware. It’s also the slogan and main platform for the whole Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. They yell “de-fund the police!” which doesn’t mean take away some of their money, it means fire them all and have lawless cities everywhere. Yet when some school teacher somewhere raped or murdered a student, every other student in America didn’t protest that “all teachers are bastards!” After 9/11, liberals all demanded that Americans avoid being bigoted about people from the Middle East, and not blame them ALL for the actions of a few, meaning the 19 dudes from Saudi Arabia that supposedly flew planes into buildings on that fateful day in New York.

Now take another look at that BLM platform that’s telling everyone in America to hate every police officer in the whole country and fire them all, just because a white cop killed a black man. There’s not even any proof it was a racist crime, but still, we’re all supposed to hate all cops now, whether they’re white, black or brown.

When the World Trade Center buildings went down, the Left said don’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few

Why are we all supposed to be judging all cops by the actions of a few? This is so dumb that it begs to question how the country will be run if Democrats take control. If a paramedic gets a DUI and is charged with involuntary manslaughter for crashing into another car and someone dies, will every single ambulance driver in America lose their license to drive? Should we find a video then where a prison guard abuses a prisoner, and protest that there should be no more prisons, because of that awful guard?

Can you see that as part of the debates between the Creepy Hair Sniffer Joe Biden and Donald Trump this fall? Imagine that for a moment. Joe Biden arguing to eliminate all police and tear down all prisons and let everyone go free, so we can look like Iraq did after we bombed the crap out of Baghdad. We all know who’s controlling the Democrat Party right now, and it’s the same people who want us to hate every cop in America and fire them all for the actions of a few.

Most of these liberals “extremists” are the ultimate hypocrites, and they don’t even care that they are. They’re just so damn brainwashed by the media they can’t even see straight, much less think at all for themselves. Obama race-baited them all into a hyper-frenzy, and the latest news just threw gasoline on the bonfire.

Black Lives Matter should protest to DE-FUND Planned Parenthood to save all those beautiful Black babies from the hands of those evil doctors

If you support Black Lives Matter, then you should also be anti-abortion, especially for Blacks. So why aren’t you then? Every Democrat Politician on the totem pole, high or low, supports infanticide – the execution of Black babies in the womb during the third trimester and on the day of the baby’s birth, even if that baby is perfectly healthy. Could there be a more glaring example of hypocrisy by the Democrats, ever?

Planned Parenthood does NOT help Blacks plan for parenthood, it conversely helps them plan NOT to be parents and it’s blatant population control. Why can’t most Black people see this?

Why do most American Blacks think the Democratic Party cares about them, when they really want to keep them from having children? BLM must fight to de-fund Planned Parenthood and save millions of Black babies from the slaughterhouse. Since 1970, Planned Parenthood has executed over 8.8 million babies. How many do you think were Black? That would be 36 percent, and that’s over 3 million. It’s time to wake up from all that and vote accordingly. How long until 50 percent of all voters in America figure out the BLM scam that’s run by a filthy rich white dude? Here’s some insight for you:

Planned Parenthood has already terminated over 160,000 babies this year, some on their very day of birth. Planned Parenthood kills Black babies on their day of birth, so where are the BLM picket signs? It’s time to be “bigoted” about Planned “No” Parenthood. They’re the ones committing genocide for 5-plus decades, and on the tax payer’s dollars, too. They literally sell their body parts for cash and negotiate the price at local watering holes.

And just to shove it all in your face and laugh behind your back, Planned Parenthood just endorsed Joe Biden. Is it all sinking in yet? Know your enemy, not the “straw man” or orange man that the media has set up for you to “hate.”

Watch as we see who’s killing millions of Blacks in America, and it ain’t the cops:

Keep your eyes and mind open. Don’t be bigoted against all cops, or all Muslims, or all Jews, or all Whites, or all Blacks, or all anybody. That’s just plain stupid. Tune your internet dial to and find out why all humans matter, no matter what. Put it this way: If all cops are bastards, then so are all teachers, firefighters, paramedics and surgeons, so what now? Let’s save lives instead of destroying them. Eat clean, think for yourself, stay safe.

Oh yes, and please do not vote for this creepy, perverted man below and his endorsers Planned Parenthood. It literally is a “life or death” election. This guy is a career politician who embezzled millions of dollars for his crackhead son. Remember that.

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