If Black lives matter, then Democrat Governors probably shouldn’t be letting thousands of blacks gather shoulder to shoulder for protests and rioting
06/14/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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If Black lives matter, then Democrat Governors probably shouldn’t be letting thousands of blacks gather shoulder to shoulder for protests and rioting

How are you enjoying the live exercise? Yes, Covid-19 and the riots are all planned out so well, but the lock down doesn’t really make much sense anymore, that’s if you have enough brain cells left to make “sense” of anything at all. Yes, the 2020 Plandemic set up the lock down, and the lock down was the precursor to the re-ignited fake race war, and the white-on-black crime of the century stinks of a staged event, sponsored by fear-centralized, emotionally-charged propaganda, and in America, there’s no bigger business than fear. It’s all been paid for by George Soros, and now the corporations are getting richer while the small businesses dry up. Perfect socialism installment plan, but there’s more.

Maybe the plan was to let Covid loose on America, let it spread some, put everyone on lock down, then re-ignite the fake race war in order to get blacks out of their homes, gathering shoulder to shoulder in huge groups by the hundreds and even thousands. You can yell conspiracy theory all day, but Melinda Gates has already said the experimental, dangerous, rushed-to-market Covid-19 vaccine should be administered to “people of color” first. She’s really got priorities, huh? Such a thoughtful, white supremacist, eugenics-planning elitist (they call it philanthropy).

Is the Gates Foundation trying to wipe out the 48 million Blacks in America by burning the candle at both ends, using Planned Parenthood abortions on the front end, and “kill-switch” vaccines for Covid on the back end? Just think of where all the riots are being staged and where most black abortions take place. Metropolitan cities. Do the math. What’s a “kill switch” vaccine, you may be asking right about now. Keep reading. This is worthy of much consideration.

Coincidence? The timing of the protests and riots bring Blacks to mass gatherings when everyone is supposed to be super-careful NOT to spread and catch deadly novel coronavirus

Will the next Covid outbreak be mainly among Black Americans? Will the vaccine make those who get injected MORE susceptible to the next, newly morphed and lab-tampered version of Covid when it is released? Then, will there be another obvious, racist, videotaped “hate crime” to re-ignite the fake race war so all the Blacks gather ‘round en masse again and give the disease to each other?

In order to crash the economy and prepare their states for Democrat-Socialist-Communism, the blue state Governors are keeping their states on lock down the best they can, wrecking small businesses, embezzling stimulus funds, and laughing at everyone wearing their mandatory masks in every store, and even outside; basically everywhere.

Meanwhile, along come the protests and riots, with Antifa and BLM throwing gasoline on the flames (pun intended). Now millions of Blacks, without thinking twice about it, are out in swarms, screaming for justice, no more police, and no more jails, even though they could all be catching Covid from each other, and sealing their own fate.

Recipe for disaster for Black Americans: Fast food, toxic vaccines, abortion clinics, liquor stores, gun stores and pornography on every metro corner

Remember when the US government used to dish out cheese and butter blocks to American Blacks on welfare, along with those food stamps? That was the 1970s and 80s, and that cheese and butter was designed to clog blood vessels and cause cancer, heart disease, strokes and dementia. Make no mistake about it. That’s why it was free.

Remember when the lead CDC vaccine scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the MMR vaccine was giving little black boys autism? Yes, he confessed to a lawyer who published the whole confession – that Dr. Thompson couldn’t take it anymore, containing the dirty secret, so he blew the whistle.

Remember that Planned Parenthood (PP) was founded by a woman named Margaret Sanger, who called Black people “human weeds.” It’s true. Realize that PP is promoted by Hillary Clinton, who is best friends with the Grand Dragon of the KKK. Have you figured this out yet?

The Covid vaccine will be a kill switch that sets up Blacks and possibly other minorities like Mexicans and Jews for certain death. One way or another, the vaccine is evil, especially since most of them will contain tracker chips that can also release other drugs with the “flip of a switch.”

Folks, viruses don’t understand virtue signaling. It doesn’t matter what your cause, mission, or social justice platform represents, or what has offended you lately. This is all about distractions, lowered immunity, population control and genocide. Who will win the “survival of the fittest” hunger games in America? Watch this video to find out right now:

Tune your internet dial to vaccines.news and find out why you should avoid ALL vaccines and look into natural immunity boosters, like zinc and vitamin D. That’s all folks.

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