Left-wing bullies successfully pressure Drew Brees to denounce the American flag
06/11/2020 / By Lance D Johnson / Comments
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Left-wing bullies successfully pressure Drew Brees to denounce the American flag

The act of kneeling during the National Anthem before professional football games was made popular by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. On September 1, 2016, Kaepernick decided to start a cultural revolution by kneeling in front of the American flag. A few other NFL players started to go along with the controversial idea, too, believing that a gesture of disrespect toward their country would “wake people up” about “systemic social injustice” towards the black community.

The controversial act was repulsive to almost everyone who had served or who were currently serving their country, who believe in the country’s ideas. President Donald Trump was quick to denounce the act of kneeling during the National Anthem and even pressured the NFL to enforce policies that show respect for the United States of America. The act of kneeling during the National Anthem didn’t achieve the goals that Kaepernick intended and was grossly viewed as disrespect toward the country and those who fight to serve and protect it.

But it’s been four years since the kneeling began, and after a man named George Floyd was captured on camera with a police officer’s knee in his neck for eight minutes — choking and dying because of a murderer in a police uniform — it seems all the more appropriate to kneel again and announce that white people in law enforcement systematically target black people. As more people feel inclined to show their support for George Floyd, professional NFL players are being pressured to denounce the country’s flag in order to make this issue into a matter of race and systemic abuse against blacks.

All-pro NFL quarterback pressured to denounce American flag

When all-pro NFL quarterback Drew Brees initially took to social media, he opposed “disrespecting the flag.” The Left was quick to attack, pressuring Drew Brees to not only denounce the American flag, but to lambaste the President for not supporting the black community. Under pressure from the Left, the all-pro quarterback  quickly changed his stance and responded to President Trump online. Brees said: “We Must Stop Talking About the Flag.”

Now that the Left has successfully convinced Drew Brees to denounce the American flag, they can usher in the new Cultural Revolution where “white privilege” is punished in the absence of due process, where the title of “white supremacy” is given to anyone who doesn’t agree, and where meritless, communist rule dictates people’s lives.

The President, having prioritized criminal justice reform for minorities during his first three years in office, is not the one who is ignoring minorities, disrespecting the country’s ideals, and merely “Talking About the Flag.”

It was Kaepernick and the radical Left that made the issue all about themselves when they knelt during the National Anthem and disrespected all that this country stands for. The President has proven himself to be a friend to all, no matter the skin tone, and a great defender of the United States of America, someone who has taken action on justice system reforms.

Nevertheless, the radical Left forced Brees to submit to their agenda, and made him quickly change his stance. On Instagram, Brees said he “stands by the black community” insinuating that the President does not and insinuating that anyone who doesn’t kneel to this Cultural Revolution is racist and doesn’t stand by the black community either. The Left is trying to get what they want by shaming those who disagree, while disrespecting the flag.

According to Brees: “We can no longer use the flag to turn people away or distract them from the real issues that face our black communities,” even though it was the Left that used the flag as a prop to bring attention to themselves.

Brees continued “We must stop talking about the flag and shift our attention to the real issues of systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality, and judicial & prison reform. We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history! If not now, then when?”

Brees’ call to action fell on deaf ears as the President retorted in all caps, “NO KNEELING.”

This is how the Left sells their Cultural Revolution:

Step one: Disrespect the flag and everything it stands for to bring attention to your cause.
Step two: Use your cause to incite racial division and shame whites for systematically suppressing and targeting blacks.
Step Three: Denounce the flag and blame racial division on those who support the flag.
Step Four: Continue to condone the violence, looting, destruction and threats that fuel your cause.
Step Five: Pin all the blame of racism and violence on those who who do not kneel to your cause, and make them look like they are the violent ones who disrespect the flag, the country, and the people.

Sound familiar? Keep up to date with the “protests” at CivilWar.news.

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