Instagram bans users from posting federal crime statistics – anything to keep the George Floyd psy-op going
06/09/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Instagram bans users from posting federal crime statistics – anything to keep the George Floyd psy-op going

A graph comparing the number of black people killed by white people to the number of whites killed by blacks, whites killed by whites, and blacks killed by blacks is no longer allowed on Instagram after the Facebook-owned platform decided to dub it as “hate facts.”

Compiled from data contained in the Expanded Homicide Data Table 6 of the FBI’s 2018 Crime Report, the graph shows that only a very small percentage of black people are killed by white people. Meanwhile, the number of white people killed by black people is more than 10 times higher.

More than 10 times as many white people are killed by white people compared to the number of black people killed by white people, the graph also shows. And as for the number of black people killed by black people, well, the percentage is basically off the charts.

Written on the graph as it is currently circulating is an arrow in red pointing to the blacks killed by whites bar graph, along with the caption: “This is essentially what Black Lives Matter is protesting.” The purpose of the graph is to illustrate just how few black people are actually killed by white people.

But these “hate facts” are apparently too upsetting for many Instagram users, which prompted the platform to remove and ban the image from being reposted. Instagram claims that the graph “goes against our community guidelines” because it contains “hate speech or symptoms.”

“Even if you didn’t mean to offend, our guidelines encourage people to express themselves in a way that’s respectful to everyone,” Instagram further claims.

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how Big Tech tyranny against free speech needs to be brought to an immediate end:

If truth is “offensive,” then Big Tech says it has to go

What Instagram does not want people to know is that white people are actually disproportionately murdered by black people, rather than the other way around. But because this fact goes against the prevailing anti-white narrative, it is not allowed to be said.

Truth be told, the vast majority of interracial violent attacks – upwards of 90 percent – occur with black perpetrators against white victims. Only a very small percentage of interracial violence occurs with white perpetrators against black victims.

Listening to the media, however, one would be led to believe that black people are being lynched all the time by white people, which is patently false. If anything, white people are being lynched by black people more often than anything else. Further, the vast majority of black deaths occur at the hands of other black lives.

“Blacks committed an incredible 537,204 instances of interracial violent attacks against white people, accounting for 90 percent of the violence,” reports Shane Trejo from Big League Politics.

“White people only committed 56,394 attacks against black people over the same time period. Considering how many more white people there are in the country than blacks, these numbers are staggering.”

As for “hate crimes,” black people are similarly “over-represented,” meaning they commit most of them, and typically against white people. Meanwhile, white people are “under-represented” when it comes to committing hate crimes, meaning they commit barely any of them.

“Despite the facts, a race hoax industry has emerged to depict white as being the perpetrators in the majority of these incidents when that is the opposite of the truth,” Trejo warns.

“The Silicon Valley titans are at war against the truth. They want the left-wing mob to loot, riot and destroy without the public ever understanding what’s really going on.”

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