Francis Boyle was right: Is it time for Trump to arrest, prosecute and EXECUTE all those engaged in the “death science” industry who build weapons against humanity?
04/13/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Francis Boyle was right: Is it time for Trump to arrest, prosecute and EXECUTE all those engaged in the “death science” industry who build weapons against humanity?

Professor Francis Boyle, author of the biological weapons treaty that banned such research in the United States in the 1980s, says that scientists who engage in the development of biological weapons that are designed to kill human beings should be arrested, prosecuted and executed (if found guilty in a court of law).

He’s not wrong.

We now know that the Obama administration funneled money, via the NIH, into the very same Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory that is widely believed to have created and released the Wuhan coronavirus that’s now devastating the world. After bioweapons research was banned in the United States, the US government partnered with private organizations and front groups in Africa to continue weapons research on Ebola and other pathogens. Now, it appears, Barack Obama allowed US researchers to partner with the communist Chinese military so that China would possess the same bioweapons as the United States.

The result, as we’ve all now witnessed, is a global economic collapse, over 118,000 dead (so far), widespread human suffering and the early stages of supply chain disruptions that will surely lead to mass starvation in nations like India and Mexico, not to mention much of the African continent.

If fewer than one million people die from this around the world in 2020, it will be a miracle.

Vaccine research is the cover story for the “death science” industry

This was all set into motion by “death scientists” who use the vaccine industry as their cover. They say they need government money to research vaccines to protect the public against biological weapons, but it’s these same people who are building the biological weapons in the first place.

Because the weapons cannot be contained and don’t merely fade away (like nuclear weapons do), these weapons have no arguable tactical value in a strategic war. They are global killers that are designed to infect and exterminate humankind, achieving global depopulation as demanded by the globalists. They are indiscriminate killers, too, affecting the innocent, impoverished masses with disproportionate suffering and death.

And that brings in Bill Gates, who has now been exposed for pushing a vaccine-led global depopulation agenda that has already killed tens of thousands of innocent children worldwide from failed polio vaccines (which cause polio-like paralysis) and HPV vaccines. And Bill Gates is just getting warmed up. His goal is to eliminate billions of humans from this planet, and bioweapons + vaccines is the means to achieve that (as he knows, since he funded the pandemic simulations that showed the tens of millions who would die worldwide).

The world’s power centers have been seized by Big Pharma and its demonic agenda against humanity

Making the situation even worse than you might have imagined, Big Pharma has carried out a coup at the White House with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx now running Trump’s actions, using a Big Pharma playbook that will end with the mandatory mass vaccination of every American. Those who resist will be arrested, or shot, or marked or isolated from the normal functions of society.

In fact, that effort already began three years ago with the de-platforming of all voices, channels and publishers that criticized the vaccine establishment. That was a Bill Gates-run directive to the tech giants who complied by silencing all so-called “anti-vaxxers” in order to clear the way for this very pandemic and the pro-vaccine demands that would follow (problem-reaction-solution).

Now, Dr. Fauci insists that hydrochloroquine doesn’t work, claiming that most of America must remain in a perpetual lockdown until vaccines are ready sometime in 2021. He says this even without a single shred of evidence that some future vaccine will even be safe or effective. The vaccine quacks have taken over the White House, and no American is safe while they are in control. All voices of reason have been silenced, and criticism of the vaccine agenda is now a “violation of community guidelines” on all the globalist-controlled platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Big Pharma is like a deadly cancer on society

Big Pharma has taken over Big Tech and Big Media, too. They run the medical schools, which means they own Big Medicine, and they’ve also seized control over veterinary medicine. They own all the lawmakers in Washington, and Big Pharma dictates to the tech giants which concepts are allowed to be discussed by the public. No talk about natural cures is allowed, even if they work, and no criticism of vaccines is allowed to exist on any major platform, not even Wikipedia (which is run by the CIA, of course, along with Big Pharma-paid sock puppets.)

This cabal of vaccine zealots, bioweapons researchers and pharma collaborators has now managed to create and distribute a biological weapon that was engineered to disassemble human respiratory tissue, mimicking HIV in its attack mechanism (but being airborne and almost impossible to detect in asymptomatic carriers). This is not some “natural” mutation from the world of bats and seafood markets; it’s an engineered, planned, carefully constructed weapon designed to exterminate human life.

Why should anyone involved in such an effort be allowed to continue their work alongside the very human population they are working to exterminate? Is it time to demand prosecutions and death sentences for bioweapons scientists as Prof. Boyle suggests?

Humanity has the right to defend itself against those who seek to exterminate human beings

It seems that humanity has no choice but to act in its own self-defense: Either halt the enemies of humanity, or they will eliminate billions of us. Stopping the death science villains seems to be a matter of humanity’s survival. If we don’t do it, then what superweapon will they build and release next year? How about the year after that?

Right now, communist China is hurriedly destroying all evidence of its research into the Wuhan coronavirus. It’s like wiping clean the scene of a crime against humanity. Similarly, the U.S. media and corrupt tech giants are censoring anyone who investigates the truth about the artificial origins of this deadly virus. No talk of any artificial origin is allowed, and Zero Hedge was permanently banned from Twitter for merely asking the question. (That’s because Jack Dorsey is a malicious enemy of humanity, too, and he’s working for the demonic, anti-human forces that now dominate Big Tech, Big Pharma, Hollywood, the U.S. Senate and the “sciences.”)

It’s becoming increasingly clear that if humanity is to survive these anti-human demons who run all the most powerful institutions, We the People will not only have to demand the arrest, prosecution and removal of the “death scientists” who build these weapons, we will have to dismantle the tech giants that covered for them and sold out to communist China, a regime that harvests human organs and suppresses all truth, all freedom and all personal liberty in its quest for world domination. (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia and other tech platforms have all allowed their policies to be set by communist China now. They are all anti-human platforms that seek enslavement, destruction and death for humanity.)

Similarly, the WHO needs to be disassembled. The secret vaccine courts must be exposed and shut down, ending Big Pharma’s legal immunity against vaccine damage. The Federal Reserve scammers and bailout bankers need to be arrested, exposed and imprisoned while all their dishonest profits are returned to the workers of America who actually produced something real while their pensions and bank accounts were looted by the financial elite.

It’s time for grassroots revolution in America, and it must be a pro-human revolution that finally abolishes all those who are enemies of humanity and enemies of freedom.

Humanity either rises up and fights for LIFE or collapses in mass DEATH

Francis Boyle was right. Those who plot against humanity forfeit their right to exist. If you build self-replicating weapons of mass destruction to murder millions, you forfeit your own right to live in this society. And if you build platforms to censor the truth while protecting pedophiles, communists and the child-abusing vaccine industry, you forfeit your right to operate a business in this world.

It’s time for Trump to use his national emergency to seek out and arrest all the enemies of humanity, including those in Silicon Valley as well as the bioweapons labs that are right now building the next wave of weapons against humanity. While every person deserves due process and a right to a fair trial, those who are found guilty of building weapons against humanity must be stopped by every legal means available to civilized society.

If humanity fails to defend itself against these murderers, perhaps billions will die over the next few years as the annual release of new bioweapons commences. We will all be enslaved, silenced and inoculated like cattle (with infertility chemicals) until the globalists achieve their goal of worldwide depopulation and eugenics. The only defense humanity has remaining is to seek out those who operate as enemies of humanity and end their evil once they are found guilty.

Over 118,000 innocent humans are now dead because of the actions of a few thousands “death industry” scientists whose hubris and ignorance led to this global pandemic. Will humanity just surrender and die? Or does humanity have the right to defend itself against enemies who use irresponsible technology to carry out their agendas of mass death and untold human suffering?

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Watch this powerful film, “Out of Shadows,” to understand the powerful truth about how Hollywood and the media giants are manipulating your “reality” to control and exterminate humanity:


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