It’s now clear that Fauci is trying to DEPRIVE America of a coronavirus cure
04/07/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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It’s now clear that Fauci is trying to DEPRIVE America of a coronavirus cure

Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) task force head Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn’t want Americans taking hydroxychloroquine, or chloroquine, to treat the virus, and many people are wondering why not?

One of them is White House economic advisor Peter Navarro, who reportedly exploded at Fauci the other day for trying to downplay the benefits of this extremely inexpensive generic drug for malaria, while emphasizing the alleged superiority of some future vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that doesn’t even exist yet.

Even though hydroxychloroquine is shaping up to be the most effective weapon in the arsenal – at least from a pharmaceutical perspective – for treating this coronavirus, Fauci isn’t having any of it. And that’s because, as he’s now proven, he works for Big Vaccine and not for the American people.

During a recent roundtable, which was reportedly attended by Wuhan coronvirus (COVID-19) response coordinator Deborah Birx, Jared Kushner, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acting commissioner Stephen Hahn, Navarro passed out folders containing data on the benefits of hydroxychloroquine.

According to Navarro and what he passed out, the studies he’s seen, mostly from overseas, show that this malaria drug shows “clear therapeutic efficacy” against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), and it can be procured for just pennies per dose.

Almost immediately, Fauci began pushing back against Navarro’s claims, stating that “there’s only anecdotal evidence” that hydroxychloroquine works against COVID-19. This “just set Peter off,” according to one of the others who was present, prompting Navarro to explain that “science, not anecdote” shows that hydroxychloroquine does, in fact, work against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks to Dr. Eduard Fatakhov about how to beat the coronavirus through nutrition:

Navarro also called out Fauci for opposing Trump’s early travel restrictions

In his heated rant against Fauci’s nonsense, Navarro went on to chastise Fauci for being one of the earliest voices to oppose President Donald Trump’s early travel restrictions with China, emphasizing that Fauci had claimed that “travel restrictions don’t work.”

The group ended up agreeing that the best path forward is to get the drug to the “hot zones” because it does help, and to allow patients to make the decision whether or not to use hydroxychloroquine themselves with the guidance of their physicians.

During a recent press conference, President Trump also indicated that he had ordered 29 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to be placed into the Strategic National Stockpile.

“There has never been a confrontation in the task force meetings like the one yesterday,” claimed a source about Navarro’s outburst at Fauci. “People speak up and there’s robust debate, but there’s never been a confrontation. Yesterday was the first confrontation.”

When polled about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, about 37 percent of some 6,227 doctors in 30 countries indicated that it is currently the “most effective therapy” that they have at their disposal. This is compared to at least 14 other potential treatment options that are currently available.

A whopping 72 percent of COVID-19 cases in Spain have had hydroxychloroquine prescribed, while almost half of all cases in Italy have had the drug prescribed. Hydroxychloroquine is also being used in about 41 percent of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Brazil, 39 percent of cases in Mexico, 28 percent of cases in France, and 23 percent of cases in the United States.

Overall, almost 20 percent of physicians are now prescribing hydroxychloroquine for their high-risk patients, while a mere eight percent are prescribing it for their low-risk patients.

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