Prepper goals during a coronavirus lockdown: Replenish your supplies and set a budget
04/06/2020 / By Zoey Sky / Comments
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Prepper goals during a coronavirus lockdown: Replenish your supplies and set a budget

More states in America are considering some form of lockdown to fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This means more people will be forced to spend most of their day indoors unless they need to purchase supplies or seek medical attention. Even if you’re an experienced prepper, this doesn’t mean you’re out of things to do, even though you’ve already set up most of your preps. Double-check your gear, restock your supplies and finalize a prepping budget to cover your needs during the lockdown.

If your neighbors are showing an interest in learning how to prep, offer them advice in subjects that they’re curious about. Helping others to prepare before things get worse also ensures that more people in your area have what they need when SHTF.

You also benefit from teaching your peers: One informed newbie prepper means one less person who will be tempted to steal supplies from you once they run out of food during an extended lockdown. (Related: Prepare for a long-term coronavirus quarantine by learning these essential survival skills.)

Reassess your survival stockpile

Whether you’re a newbie or a knowledgeable prepper, you need to audit your stockpile regularly. Check your stockroom for signs of pests or vermin, rotate supplies and replenish items that you’ve almost run out of.

Make a list of things you need to add to your gear. Once your shopping list is finalized, check if you have extra money to spend on prepping supplies. If money is tight, check how much the supplies will cost and start saving up.

Below is a list of essential food items for beginner preppers who need a little help planning their survival stockpile.

  • Bottled water: Stock up on enough water for at least several weeks or months. Each family member needs a gallon of water per day for drinking and maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Canned tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey: Canned meats contain essential protein.
  • Canned vegetables (e.g., carrots, green beans and peas): Like fresh produce, canned veggies contain essential nutrients.
  • Dried fruits (e.g., apricots and raisins): If you don’t have access to fresh fruit, dried fruits like apricots and raisins offer both dietary fiber and potassium.
  • Dry pasta and pasta sauces: Pasta contains carbs and is a filling food. Dry pasta and jarred sauce will last for several months in your stockpile.
  • Multivitamins: Supplementing with multivitamins will help prevent nutrient deficiencies during a lockdown.
  • Nuts and trail mix: These high-energy treats are nutritious and convenient for snacking. To get more bang for your buck, make your own trail mix at home with nuts and dried fruits.
  • Peanut butter: Full of healthy fats and protein, peanut butter is a good source of energy.
  • Powdered milk: Powdered milk is a convenient source of calcium and vitamin D if you don’t have access to fresh milk.
  • Salt, pepper and other spices: Use spices and the other ingredients in your stockpile to cook delicious meals for your family during the lockdown.

Now, what’s a prepper to do if all the stores are out of toilet paper?

The answer? Get a bidet. These affordable additions to your toilet is a must-have for maintaining proper hygiene.

Determine your prepping budget

Think of the long-term when finalizing a budget for your prepping needs. No one can say for sure how long a lockdown will last, and you need to consider that you may need to stay at home for longer than a couple of weeks.

If you’re allowed to work from home, start saving up for an emergency fund. Aim to save enough money to cover at least three to six months’ worth of expenses. Use the money left over to buy more essential supplies and stock up items that you need more of.

During a coronavirus lockdown, help your family understand that making small sacrifices and saving money will ensure your safety and survival when SHTF.

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