Top 10 DUMBEST things people still do during the COVID-19 outbreak
04/02/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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Top 10 DUMBEST things people still do during the COVID-19 outbreak

Some people think they’ve found the “end all, be all” of advice every time they hear a nurse or doctor speak on the news, or some CDC or WHO “official” advice gets spewed onto their smart device like a contagious, infectious thought. These folks go and repeat, verbatim, what they heard, like it’s the holy grail of modern medicine theory, and then they go and make the biggest mistakes of their lives: They blast their immunity. What are you doing right now that’s entirely incapacitating your immune system? Do you even know?

With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire around the globe, Americans with moderately-to-severely-compromised immune systems (2/3 of the population fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) are “up in arms” and freaking out right and left (pardon the pun). If you listen to Big Pharma advice, you’re probably setting yourself up for a morphing virus that’s new and highly unpredictable. Don’t be stupid, folks. Here are 10 of the dumbest things people are still doing (or contemplating doing) during the COVID outbreak.

Please, don’t be stupid sheeple people …

Consider carefully before doing the following:

#1. Getting the flu shot is super-dumb – You can literally get the flu from a flu shot, which is proving to lower immunity for COVID-19 and heighten chances of dying from coronavirus, should you get it. Multi-dose flu shots are loaded with mercury too, so big mistake there. People, don’t get the flu shot. It’s not worth the risk.

#2. Not taking vitamin C, D, and zinc would be really dumb – Let’s face it, these are not expensive and you don’t even have to leave the house to get them. Plus, no prescription or vaccine necessary. Get the tinctures or the capsules asap. Supplements work, especially when you take the right ones at the right time. Now’s the time.

#3. Eating lots of junk food, sugar, and GMOs is the height of dumb – What many people don’t get about GMOs is that they’re eating pesticide regularly, even if just a little bit at a time. Digesting genetically modified food (corn, soy, sugarbeets, nearly all “fast food”) means you’re eating (or drinking) toxic genes that kill insects, animals, weeds, fungus, and it obliterates the immune system over time. Why do you think two-thirds of all Americans are immune-compromised right now?

#4. Continuing to smoke cigarettes or vape with nicotine is just plain dumb – No matter what way you ingest it, the nicotine constricts your veins and capillaries, diminishing circulation, adding stress on the heart and catapulting chronic inflammation. The chemicals then ruin nutrition levels and good flora in the gut, and “up in smoke” (or vapor) goes your immunity. If you smoke or vape, here’s how you kick nicotine cravings naturally with a new liquid supplement “shot.” Fix that immune system now, while you can.

#5. Not exercising at all and just staying inside 24/7 would be quite dumb – If you let the mass media and the germophobes rule your life then you’ll wind up dying before you ever collect social security, and probably from some darn flu. Get out and exercise, work in the yard, fix the garden, jog the beach or lake – it all builds immunity to keep the blood and oxygen circulating.

#6. Frequently ordering take out or delivery of prepared food is just dumb – Most take out and delivery food is loaded with canola oil and processed GMOs. Then there’s the problem of people prepping that food that may be infected with coronavirus and not even know it, and then you pick it up, or it’s coming right to your door, and into your mouth it goes. It’s like playing Russian roulette.

#7. Believing everything you see and hear from mass media outlets is sheeple stupid – First they said don’t worry about it. Go to work. Nothing to see in China. Wuhan is just a “conspiracy theory.” Now the whole country is on lockdown. No rights. Get ready for soldiers to be “quartered” in your home in the name of “Homeland Security.” Protect yourself. Get some zinc. Stock up on vitamin B12, C, D and medicinal mushrooms reishi and cordyceps. Don’t listen to the mass media. They lie like a rug.

#8. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine, should they concoct one, would be dumb – Today’s vaccines are the devil of medicine. You’re getting injected with the world’s most dangerous heavy metals, bacteria, genetically mutated viruses, formaldehyde, aluminum, monosodium glutamate, and antibiotics. It’s the absolute worst thing you can do when trying to maintain HIGH immunity to this COVID pandemic.

#9. Taking ibuprofen for pain and inflammation is dumb because coronavirus feeds on it – Yes, a WHO spokesperson literally recommended that people who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 avoid reaching for the ibuprofen. French officials even warned that ibuprofen might worsen coronavirus. A French study recently revealed ibuprofen could facilitate MORE spreading of coronavirus with even worse symptoms. Oops.

#10. Thinking the whole pandemic is a hoax is absolutely stupid – Sure, it’s tough to filter out the MSM lies, the fake news, the hoaxes, the “Russians are coming,” and the Left’s total insanity, but there’s no way thousands of doctors, nurses and scientists from every country around the world are all lying while scrambling to avoid the “novel” virus and trying to save their patients all the while. It’s real. It’s scary real.

The WHO and the CDC are both a farce

Still, take everything the CDC says with a grain of salt, because they really are, as Mike Adams writes, “incompetent, scientifically illiterate and hopelessly corrupt. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) itself is run by Chinese communists. Go figure. Realize this: The freaky leaders of the LEFT and the Globalists want to spread COVID to wreck Trump’s economy, blame him, and fix the 2020 election for anybody else to win, so they can take over.

Be sure to tune your internet dial to for the best information about coronovirus and how to avoid it.

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