Medical tests will now be required for all international travelers coming into Beijing, China – the next step toward mandatory vaccines at airports
03/26/2020 / By Lance D Johanson / Comments
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Medical tests will now be required for all international travelers coming into Beijing, China – the next step toward mandatory vaccines at airports

The Chinese government is now telling citizens that the coronavirus is completely under control inside the country. The Chinese government is telling citizens that the threat now exists outside their borders, that everyone must be tested before they can travel into China.

Believing in their government, many overseas Chinese have returned home to their mother country, thinking everything will go back to normal. But China doesn’t have coronavirus or any disease under control yet, and more chaos is yet to ensue. Infectious disease outbreaks are not over in China and they never will be, especially because air pollution, widespread immunodeficiency, and malnourishment remain, and comorbidity is not taken into consideration with death statistics. In fact, a new report shows up to 88% of alleged Covid19 deaths could be misattributed.

Regardless, governments are rapidly changing their approach to infectious disease and nothing will be normal in the world ever again. Governments now treat all people as potential biological sources of contamination, as people are taught to fear contact with one another. During this infectious disease outbreak, governments have realized that they can wield a power the world has never seen before: restricting, tracking, and monitoring the movement, gathering, and commerce of people, en masse.

Emboldened by these new powers, communist, authoritarian governments are ready to take it a step further and set requirements for all people before they are allowed back into society, to work, travel, eat, and play.

All international flights to Beijing will now require various medical tests

As such, Beijing officials just banned all international flights beginning on March 23 as officials prepare new medical testing requirements for all people who come into the city. This is no doubt the next step toward mandatory vaccination requirements for travel.

China’s suppression of information, mismanagement, and authoritarian approach to the coronavirus outbreak has become the template for other countries and states to follow and the World Health Organization is applauding their actions. What kind of restrictions will other countries impose on their citizens before people are allowed to travel, work, and eat?

Right now, five Chinese agencies, the Civil Aviation Administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Health Commission, China’s General Administration of Customs, and China’s National Immigration Administration, have agreed on new regulations that imposes new requirements for all international passenger flights to Beijing.

All passengers coming to Beijing will now be re-routed to one of the following cities: Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Hohhot, Shanghai (Pudong airport), Jinan, Qingdao, Nanjing, Shenyang, Dalian, Zhengzhou, and Xi’an. Once passengers land in these cities they will be required to undergo a medical inspection. Once the passengers have had their blood tested, they will either be quarantined or allowed to travel to Beijing.

14-day quarantines being used on anyone who is nearby someone with any allergy, fever or minor respiratory illness

Authorities are being overly-cautious and tyrannical with the 14-day quarantine. The 14-day quarantine is being used chaotically and irrationally on healthy people who show no sign of illness, who merely shared the same flight with someone who had a fever, an allergy, or other minor respiratory illness. In the U.S., the quarantine is being used on people who test negative for coronavirus. Dr. Deborah Birx said over 90 percent of people with symptoms test negative for coronavirus, but medical authorities want them and everyone in their family to self quarantine anyway.

A Chinese citizen named Sun reported her bizarre experience on Air China while taking a flight from Tokyo Narita Airport to Beijing Capital Airport from March 20 to March 21.

The flight, containing 105 passengers, was less than half full. The flight crew used the back part of the cabin space to isolate two passengers who had high body temperatures. One passenger merely had a pollen allergy. The flight, following the new regulations, landed in Hohhot, 300 miles northwest of Beijing. After waiting in their seats for half an hour, the passengers were met by a team of health officials who wore protective suits. Everyone was required to have their temperature taken.

When they were through, they disembarked one-by-one and met individually with a health official. The passengers had to disclose their travel history, travel plans, and health condition. They were forced to take a nucleic acid test to detect viral RNA, submit to a blood pressure check, a body temperature screening, and a blood test. Through the night, the passengers were passed through customs and by the next morning, 85 of the passengers were taken on buses to a local quarantine center at Xingtai Air China hotel in the Xincheng district of Hohhot city. This group of passengers was instructed to isolate themselves for 14 days and pay for accommodations and food at the hotel quarantine center. Sun did not know why she was quarantined in Hohhot, while others were free to go. None of the airport staff offered an explanation.

This is the hysterical, paranoid, irrational, controlling and chaotic new world we now live in.

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