SCIENCE HOAX: University of Oxford theoretical study claiming “half” the UK already infected with the coronavirus … DEBUNKED
03/25/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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SCIENCE HOAX: University of Oxford theoretical study claiming “half” the UK already infected with the coronavirus … DEBUNKED

A researcher at the University of Oxford is feeding the pandemic deniers with what a “hoax science” paper that falsely claims half the population in the UK is already be infected with the coronavirus. According to media reports, that same study also falsely claims that only 1 in 10,000 people infected with the coronavirus requires hospitalization (US infectious disease experts have warned the real number is probably between 15 and 20%.)

Authored by Sunetra Gupta from the Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease lab at Oxford, the study is nothing but a theoretical model on paper and uses no real-world data for its estimated projections. Yet it is being widely cited by pandemic denialists because it fits their delusional narrative of claiming the pandemic is “no worse than the flu.”

According to the hoax science by Gupta, half the UK is already infected with the coronavirus. Based on that false assumption, Gupta suggests the hospitalization rate for those infected with the virus is only around 1 in 10,000, according to media reports, making the coronavirus far less dangerous than the seasonal flu. As reported by, “If this modeling is confirmed in follow-up studies, that would mean that fewer than .01 percent of those infected require hospital treatment, with a majority showing very minor symptoms, or none at all.”

That number, .01 percent, means 1 in 10,000. Unless NYmag has made a math error in representing this percentage, it means the study authors are claiming that coronavirus infections only send 1 in 10,000 people to the hospital. This is obviously a false claim, as the hospitals in Italy are being filled with so many dead and dying patients, those hospitals are nearly at the point of critical failure.

Hospitals are also being hit hard right now in NYC, San Francisco and other major cities across America. If only 1 in 10,000 people needed hospitalization, there would be no surge in hospital patients anywhere around the world and China wouldn’t have needed to bring in dozens of mobile cremation containers to dispose of all the dead bodies there.

There also wouldn’t have been so many hospitalizations and deaths from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. If Gupta’s assertions were true, less than one person from that entire ship would have required hospitalization, and no one would have died.

Actual real-world testing in the UK has already debunked the hoax science from Oxford

If half the UK has already been infected with the virus, then testing of any random group of UK residents should reveal about a 50% positive rate. But that isn’t happening. As even this story reports, testing of 90,436 patients only turned up 8,077 positive results, far from the 45,000+ that would be expected if half the population were already infected.

Even more damning to the Gupta hoax science theory is the fact that the 90,436 patients who have been tested were already in the hospital, according to the BBC which also reports this important fact:

The UK is not currently doing any mass surveillance testing or actively tracing people who have come into contact with known cases.

In other words, the 90,000+ people tested weren’t part of any “mass surveillance” testing of asymptomatic members of the public. These were tests of people who were already in the hospital. Even then, the positive rate was only 8.9%.

This means the UK is nowhere near “herd immunity,” and the hospitalization rate is way higher than the “1-in-10,000” that the University of Oxford hoax science is reportedly claiming (which is being repeated on and everywhere else that’s trying to downplay the severity of the coronavirus pandemic for political reasons).

If the hospitalization rate for coronavirus infections were only 0.01% as reported by then NYC wouldn’t be begging the government to set up an additional 50,000 hospital beds right now, and Italy wouldn’t have been overrun with so many hospitalizations that they’ve now had to make a triage decision to basically let anyone over the age of 60 just die.

It’s amazing how conservative publishers can selectively ignore reality to contort any study into another wave of rank denialism.

Bad math, bad science being repeated by conservative publishers in a desperate, self-mocking effort to pretend the coronavirus isn’t real

Over the last several days, a growing number of conservative publishers and individuals have engaged in embarrassingly bad math to try to “prove” falsehoods such as claiming the seasonal flu has a 10% case fatality rate. Just yesterday, Dr. David Brownstein, writing in Health Impact News, claimed the seasonal flu death rate was 10%. He was citing the bad math of The Gateway Pundit, which compared estimated flu deaths in the USA with actual numbers of flu specimens tested by the CDC to reach the false conclusion that the seasonal flu kills 10% of those it infects every year (which would, of course, result in 3 to 5 million dead American every winter, just from the flu alone, if true).

Across the conservative landscape, various influencers and even radio hosts are demonstrating their own mathematical illiteracy by spouting nonsense numbers that they hope fit their attempted narrative of claiming, essentially, no one is dying from the coronavirus.

Some conservatives are even saying that all the people who died so far, “Would have died anyway,” which of course applies to everyone living today, making the claim pure comedy.

Many conservatives are openly pushing the theory that the coronavirus is an imaginary false flag event that has killed no one and infected no one. This is being pushed with the same fervor demonstrated by Flat Earth followers or Holocaust deniers who claim no Jews were ever killed by the Nazi regime.

It just goes to show that for most people, facts mean nothing but dogma means everything, and all events of world history are filtered their their “dogma lenses” that are largely based on politics, not legitimate, independent observations of the real world.

Coronavirus deniers claim 100+ countries all agreed to crash their own economies to trick the public

According to these coronavirus deniers, over 100 countries all agreed to crash their own local economies and fake the deaths of 19,000+ people around the world in order to “trick” the public for some reason.

Some conservative writers are even claiming the coronavirus doesn’t exist and PCR genetic testing isn’t real since it “multiplies strands of RNA.” This is like claiming microscopes don’t work because microscopes amplify light.

There is no level of insanity and self-delusion that conservative pundits and publishers won’t stoop to in order to try to mislead the public into full-blown complacency about the coronavirus, always as a way to try to protect Trump from the truth that Trump started out as a coronavirus denier himself before finally waking up and taking some action to protect America (such as blocking most flights from Europe).

When there were only 15 coronavirus infections in America, Trump told the American people those 15 cases would disappear and the entire pandemic would magically vanish overnight. Now there are 55,000+ infections in the USA, with 780+ deaths and counting. The magic vanishing act didn’t work, it turns out.

Most conservatives quite literally believe those numbers are pure fiction. They refuse to believe them because they don’t want to face reality. This is why nearly all the US Senators who have been infected with the coronavirus are Republicans — because they are convinced it’s all a hoax, so they take zero precautions to prevent infections.

If it’s all a hoax, then why is the government itself hoarding massive quantities of food, ammunition, medical supplies and other survival gear while activating continuity-of-government plans to survive the apocalypse?

I have heard from numerous pro-Trump individuals who have told me that all the left-wing celebrities claiming to have the coronavirus are “fabricating” their claims, and that Democrat governors are locking down their own cities merely “to embarrass Trump.”

The shutdown of public events like SXSW is being described to me by pro-Trump individuals as a “scheme” to “spread hysteria” in order to panic stock holders and crush the stock market as a way to defeat Trump in the November elections. The level of delusional thinking now being demonstrated by some of these people is truly frightening. It’s on par with the delusional thinking of the progressive Left, which believes that biological men can magically transform into biological women.

We can’t fix stupid, but can we survive it?

On both sides of the political aisle, we are now living in a nation of dangerously deluded individuals who are desperately trying to weave their own alternate realities because they are psychologically incapable of dealing with the real world. It’s not quite Idiocracy, it’s more like The Matrix where everybody is begging for more blue pills because the horror of the real world is just too much to bear.

In a world of delusion, no rational person is safe. Whether Trump or Biden gets elected, a shockingly large percentage of the American masses are, flatly stated, mentally ill and dangerous to society. We are all living in a world run by psychopaths who are propped up by delusional, dogmatic cultists called “voters.” They are immune to reason and have zero understanding of numbers, math or medical science.

And “science” is whatever garbage they can dredge up that supports their current dogma. Just as the Left has spewed lunatic “climate change” science for well over a decade, the conservatives are now spewing fake science on the coronavirus to try to bolster their own false beliefs.

In truth, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and it’s no threat to life on Earth. But the coronavirus is a very real threat that’s extracting very real consequences for those who deny its existence. From the point of view of the virus, human beings are nothing but virus food, and the virus will eat your lungs for dinner regardless of your stupid political dogma.

Those who shout the loudest, claiming the virus isn’t real, may soon find it very difficult to speak at all once their lungs are consumed from the inside out. Gurgle, gurgle. So much for your “hoax” theory…

Don’t be a covidiot. The coronavirus is real, the deaths are real and the consequences of ignoring it are dire. The delusional masses are nothing but virus food, and their own delusions will soon collapse as the virus explodes across US cities over the next six weeks. If we end this calendar year with anything less than 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the USA, it will be a miracle.

No one will be saying, “It’s just the flu” after US hospitals are overflowing with dead bodies. And that day is coming soon.

Maybe instead of worshiping a political party, you should use this time to get right with God, where you will find truth rather than lies.

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