5G is the gateway to brain damage and manipulations of your health and mind
02/27/2020 / By Lance D Johanson / Comments
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5G is the gateway to brain damage and manipulations of your health and mind

In today’s hyper-connected world, human beings have become nothing more than a steady stream of data that is exploited and analyzed on a monetary basis. Data is a valuable commodity in today’s economy. Data is constantly being collected from smartphones, smart TVs, Alexas, and other surveillance devices connected to the internet. With 5G wireless technology rushing onto the scene, that steady stream of data becomes more available, in a variety of new forms.

5G promises a new wave of EMF microwave radiation, requiring the installation of hundreds of thousands of new cell sites, towers and additions to existing infrastructure. 5G, operating in the 10-300 GHZ range, will bombard human civilization with a new torrent of short wavelength bursts of electromagnetic frequency radiation that contribute to oxidation of cells, DNA damage, and cancer.

The all-knowing “Internet of Things” will further manipulate the population

5G is the gateway to the “Internet of Things” – allowing everyday items to connect to the internet and report on consumer decisions, behaviors, habits, trends and so much more. 5G will provide instant connectivity, as sensors and smart technology are embedded into every aspect of our lives. The data will be collected from various apps, street lamps, stop lights, vehicles, hearing aids, home security systems, pharmaceuticals, appliances, thermostats, and so much more, recording everything about your life. Sensors will document your physiological processes and understand what makes you tick. As more data is collected about your heart rate, impulses, facial expressions, and levels of excitement, the all-knowing ‘brain’ will begin to understand why you do what you do. Cameras and microphones, connected to the internet, will give this all-knowing brain detailed documentation about people’s lives.

In conjunction with artificial intelligence, 5G becomes the open door for governments, corporations, hackers and other powers-that-be to oversee every aspect of our lives, with the potential to manipulate your future behavior. AI will sift through the heaps of data, predicting your whereabouts and influencing your future decisions and movement. Any entity that wants to sell you something will benefit from this widespread collection and analysis of data. Who knows which powers-that-be will emerge to capitalize on the data? Who knows who will take advantage of people, as detailed data on every human being provides a roadmap to the psychology and movement of every individual?

5G is the Trojan Horse to a new wave of health issues

In the coming years, the masses will be convinced that the “Internet of Things” will make their life better and that constant bombardment of EMF pollution is completely safe. Dr. Martin Pall, a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University has published widespread evidence on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, and how wireless radiation impacts the electrical systems in our bodies. As the masses beg for the conveniences bestowed by the “Internet of Things” they will throw away confidentially and privacy in every aspect of their lives and welcome the devastating biological effects of this technology to assault their bodies. Dr. Pall has documented several harms, that would result from 5G, including cardiac effects, cell death, oxidation, chromosomal breaks, endocrine effects, DNA damage, lowered sperm quality, calcium channel manipulation, cataract formation, melatonin depletion, and changes in brain function and behavior.

Regardless of these warnings, the masses will inevitably accept the degradation of their health for a more convenient life. The  all-knowing brain has analyzed so much data, and will find a goldmine of new data as 5G ushers in a new level of internet connectivity. The “Internet of Things” will not only affect human health but it will further manipulate human urges by manipulating dopamine loops in human brains, controlling people and making them beg for more of the conveniences that it offers.

Learn more about the effects 5G will have on us by watching the mini-documentary below.

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