INjustice system: Roger Stone gets 40 months in prison for a HOAX while the perpetrators of a coup are still breathing free air
02/21/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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INjustice system: Roger Stone gets 40 months in prison for a HOAX while the perpetrators of a coup are still breathing free air

Since Donald Trump was inaugurated, the country, and especially the 63 million-plus voters who put him in office, have been outraged time and again by the way he’s been treated by unelected, unaccountable “deep staters” who hate him because they didn’t ‘pick’ him.

On Thursday, we were outraged again after Roger Stone, long an ally of the president and a GOP political operative whose roots date back to the Nixon administration, was sentenced to 40 months in a federal prison after he was caught up in an investigation that was founded on a hoax.

Worse, not only has U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson failed to grant Stone a retrial after it was discovered that the lead juror in his case secretly harbored a strong anti-Trump bias, she lectured him before she sentenced him, accusing him without proof of “covering up” for the president, as though he is guilty of something.

“He was not prosecuted, as some have claimed, for standing up for the president,” Berman Jackson said of Stone. “He was prosecuted for covering up for the president.” She also said his conduct led to an “inaccurate, incomplete and incorrect” report by the House Intelligence Committee.

Seriously. What a joke.

This comes after four federal prosecutors — three of whom were associated with former special counsel Robert Mueller — recommended a sentence of seven to nine years in prison, which essentially would have been a death sentence for Stone. At 67 now, he’s no spring chicken.

Speaking of Mueller and an ‘inaccurate, incomplete, and incorrect’ report, let’s remember how Stone got jammed up by the ‘justice system’ in the first place.

Mueller was appointed to investigate suspected “collusion” between the 2016 Trump campaign and ‘Mother Russia’ to “steal the election” from a real criminal — Hillary Clinton, who committed so many violations of the Espionage Act when she regularly mishandled classified emails that the FBI’s top lawyer at the time said he was “appalled” she was never charged. 

What a miscarriage of justice this is

But in fact, there never was any collusion — because the entire claim was fabricated. It was a hoax to begin with. Mueller was never going to find any ‘collusion’ because it didn’t exist; never has. 

In May 2017, when Mueller was appointed by then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, NPR reported on the full scope of Mueller’s role and jurisdiction:

As special counsel, Mueller will have full authorization to direct the Russia investigation, including any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with Trump’s campaign and any other matters. He can only be fired by Rosenstein, only with cause, and with notice to Congress. He is authorized to prosecute federal crimes that may arise from the probe.

Leftist Democrats and Trump haters in the media, of which there are plenty, are quick to point out that last part — that Mueller found a lot of ‘violations’ of federal crimes, including those supposedly committed by Stone. 

But first, none of the people and entities indicted and/or convicted by Mueller and his team were linked to any “collusion,” the original mandate; and secondly, none of the crimes prosecuted by the team were committed on behalf of, or for, President Trump or his campaign.

So in essence, had Mueller never been appointed and given a mandate to ‘continue looking for any and all crimes he can find’ so long as they can be even remotely tied to Trump, then Stone would be a free man today.

That’s because he would have never been called in to testify before Congress about this hoax; never would have lied; never would have ‘intimidated’ a witness; never would have been guilty of anything.

And Berman Jackson wants to talk about ‘cover-ups?’ Where is she on the cover up of a coup attempt against the president, for which Stone has been made to pay a price?

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