We see all these videos of Bloomberg being wildly racist, so where are all the Trump videos that “prove” he’s a racist?
02/20/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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We see all these videos of Bloomberg being wildly racist, so where are all the Trump videos that “prove” he’s a racist?

Just how intelligent are you as a human? Can you sift through all the information you’re given and make educated decisions based on facts, or are you only getting all the wrong information in the first place? With all of today’s technology, and video security cameras, and people with their phones all over the place, 24/7, it would only make sense that if you’re a “repeat offender” of any kind in public, you will be caught on video, more than once, for all the world to see when it’s broadcast later via the mass media and social media.

That much is a given, yet still, people think President Trump is an outright racist, bigoted, mysogynistic white supremacist, even though there’s not one single second proving any of this on video. Have you noticed yet that, because Bloomberg has fully entered the race for the Democrat bid for President, that all the videos of his rude, racist, arrogant, elitist, mysogynistic ways are plastered all over the internet? The guy is a repeat offender of the worst kind and we all know it because it’s captured on video, many times over. Get it yet?

If you think Trump is like Bloomberg, where are all the videos proving it?

The twisted Left has one audio tape of Trump talking crudely about women, and that’s when he was a single man. They call it locker room talk, and he wasn’t saying it during a speech on TV, or to an assembly of people, or to reporters. Anyone else or any entity that tries to paint a picture of Trump as such a “beast” have no video proof whatsoever, so they just fabricate it all, using edited moments taken out of context, or they just lie outright to the shilling mass media (think the Dossier here).

Yet, Michael R. Bloomberg is quite the disgusting pig of a man who does what people have been saying he does, as all the video tapes are coming out, along with the accusations this time. You see, this isn’t Donald Trump or Bret Kavanaugh, this is a man who, on video, says the only criminals for cops to harass and arrest are all male minorities 16 to 25 years of age. Bloomberg tells pregnant women if they want to keep their career alive, they should kill the baby in their womb. Bloomberg calls farmers stupid and in the most demeaning way, and it’s all on video.

So the message from Bloomberg is clear, it’s disgusting, and it’s all on video. The mass media is running wild with it. Yet, somehow, here in the United States, where there are tens of millions of very intelligent people, the media has conned half of them into thinking Trump is just like Bloomberg, but there’s no proof. None. Nada. Niente.

Trump is a “racist” but zero proof of it, while Bloomberg is caught on tape

Trump didn’t invent “stop and frisk” to harass young black men in New York. Trump doesn’t tell women to get abortions to save their career, or kill their baby the day it’s born if they don’t like it. Trump doesn’t hate Jews, in fact, he killed the worst enemy of the Jews on Planet Earth just a few months back, using a reaper drone. Trump doesn’t support Nazi’s or white nationalists or Antifa terrorists, and he never called any of them “fine people.”

Trump never built cages for illegal immigrant children and he didn’t come up with the idea. Trump doesn’t hate immigrants, he just wants to stop illegal immigration. Trump never called all illegal immigrants “animals” but rather just the illegal immigrants who are gang members who rape and kill people. He was very clear about that, and THAT was on video. Have you seen a video that proves otherwise? No, you haven’t. Because it doesn’t exist.

Trump isn’t trying to destroy the Constitution and take away your right to free speech, free press, and to own guns. You won’t see a video that proves otherwise. That’s for sure. Trump didn’t collude with Russians to steal the 2016 election, and after three years of illegal investigations they never found one shred of proof. No videos. None.

Think about it for a minute. Every body with a job has a phone now that takes video. Every store and restaurant has security videos running 24/7/365. Yet there’s no video proof Trump is all the bad things the mass media claims.

Are you doing the math now? Why do you think 9/11 happened? It was mainly staged to take away your constitutional rights. That’s why all the videos, except the ones the news used, were confiscated and destroyed. Those planes didn’t even have windows. Were they just “ghost planes?” The families never sued anyone.

That’s why you know when a mass shooting is staged by the Left, because there’s never any video of the perpetrator, at all, anywhere. Not on the campus, or entering the building, or exiting, or shooting. Nothing. That’s how you know.

Tune your internet dial to Trump.news for updates on the unhinged Left trying to convince everyone else that Trump is a monster and that their own actual monsters will be great for running the country. Stay balanced my patriotic, intelligent friends. Eat only organic food, drink spring water and read Natural News daily.

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