Global elitists are chartering private jets to avoid coronavirus exposure on commercial airlines, all while telling the public it’s “no worse than the flu”
02/16/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Global elitists are chartering private jets to avoid coronavirus exposure on commercial airlines, all while telling the public it’s “no worse than the flu”

All is well, Americans. According to President Donald Trump, the Wuhan coronavirus, or Covid-19, will die out by April because of warmer spring weather, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Most Americans seem to be accepting of this nothing to see here, folks messaging from the White House, especially since the United States hasn’t seen nearly the level of carnage taking place over in China. But wealthy elitists aren’t taking any chances, which is why they’re choosing to fly private rather than commercial.

Reports indicate that the world’s most financially well-to-do are avoiding commercial airlines like the plague, and instead choosing charter flights that they believe are a safer option. Rather than potentially encounter an infected traveler returning from China, the global top dogs are steering clear of the “herds” and flying in luxury.

One such elitist is presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, who was spotted stepping off of a private jet during a campaign stop in Iowa. Reports indicate that Warren was trying to hide behind her staffers for fear of being spotted, and thus outed, as a hypocrite.

“Global Warming lectures for us, private jet rides for her – THAT’s the Elizabeth Warren way!” tweeted Breitbart News alongside a link to an article containing pictures of Warren getting off of her private jet.

According to Ascend by Cirium, a consultant group based out of the United Kingdom, the number of flights scheduled to operate to, from, and within China plummeted 34 percent from January 23 to February 11. At the same time, there’s been a “significant increase” in the number “of private flight charter requests,” according to Jackie Wu, president of the Hong Kong-based JetSolution Aviation Group.

While Warren is among those traveling privately here in the U.S., most of the requests for private charter are coming out of Hong Kong and China, and going to places like Auckland, New Zealand; Taipei, Taiwan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and cities throughout Singapore.

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how the coronavirus pandemic achieves all the top goals of the globalists, including global depopulation:

After China changed how it counts coronavirus infections, the numbers skyrocketed

To make matters worse, communist China changed the way it counts coronavirus infections, which has caused a spike in the number of new cases. This is not only increasing demand for more private flights, but also fueling speculation that the Chinese regime has been lying all along about the severity of the outbreak.

In just one day after the counting method was changed, the Hubei province of China where Wuhan is located reported its biggest one-day infection tally, with 14,840 new cases and 242 deaths. This increase raised the overall death toll to nearly 1,500, and the overall infection rate to 60,000-plus.

Bernie Sanders is another private jet-using hypocrite like Warren who rattles on and on about climate change while living in the lap of luxury. Sanders, as you may recall from recent news, even had the gall to call out President Trump for not addressing global warming during his State of the Union address.

“Wondering what the rest of us can do to avoid the Greta-2019 virus?” joked one Breitbart News commenter. “It seems to only infect the gullible and the political elites but the symptoms threaten to make life unbearable for the rest of us.”

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