Globalists celebrate whistleblowers when it suits them but coronavirus pandemic whistleblowers are smeared, censored, and labeled “fear mongers”
02/09/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Globalists celebrate whistleblowers when it suits them but coronavirus pandemic whistleblowers are smeared, censored, and labeled “fear mongers”

It’s become obvious that some very powerful globalists are working hard to keep the general public from learning about the strength of the coronavirus, the reach of the disease, and the ramifications of the pandemic on the world financial situation.

As more outlets report that the coronavirus is having a negative economic impact on Chinese factory production, many of which make parts for U.S. and Western plants, there appears to be a concerted effort to suppress information about the spread of the virus that could impact financial markets and political power brokers.

As noted by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity, what can be said in public venues about the virus is becoming more tightly controlled, as in the way Chinese Communist leaders are controlling the information their government is putting out regarding the virus’ spread and impact.

“If you’ve been watching our Youtube video series on the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019nCoV) pandemic, you know that it’s time to prepare,” he writes, noting that it’s time to not only buildup “financial capital,” but also to build “social, knowledge, time, material, living, cultural, and emotional capital.”

Martenson said that because of a global censorship regime that praises Left-wing ‘whistleblowers’ when they are attacking anti-globalists like President Trump but suppresses truth-tellers trying to inform the masses of trouble, it’s getting more difficult to get the message out about the coronavirus pandemic: 

As with our coverage of the Fukushima nuclear disaster back in 2011, we believe it is our duty to make our gifts of sleuthing, clarifying, and decoding freely available to the world.  That’s what we’ve done in the past, and we’re doing it in spades now — releasing at least one video every day for the past 13 days, keeping the public updated on the evolving coronavirus threat.

But there’s certain content that we cannot put out into the public realm.

Some of it can put a target on our back for the media to use in accusing us of being “alarmists” or “fearmongers.”

Time is getting short

While not every piece of information Martenson and his team are putting out has been “sufficiently proven,” it’s nonetheless important enough to mention and to continually monitor as the situation changes — in China and around the world where the virus has made its appearance.

Martenson — who openly admits that his site is subscriber-driven, not ad driven — also noted that just days ago, and for no apparent reason, his Wikipedia page was deleted by that site’s editors. 

“I guess if you feel that shooting the messenger isn’t enough, try to expunge him from history,” he wrote. 

There are many preparations that people should be making — in advance of the arrival of the coronavirus, of course, but for many other reasons as well.

As Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, notes, the arrival of the virus to your part of the world is a lot closer than you might have imagined: 

It’s now clear the coronavirus pandemic has broken containment and is self-replicating beyond control. As the corporate-controlled media still pretends the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t exist, it has already spread beyond any reasonable hope of containment, health experts are now warning. China cannot contain it. Instead, they lie about it, and the left-wing media follows suit, pretending that lying about a pandemic is somehow a treatment to stop it.

Adams notes, correctly, that denial isn’t a strategy for dealing with what may be lurking right around the corner. And as Martenson implies, it may not be much longer that reliable information about the spread of the virus is even available. As the pandemic costs more globalists more money, they will move even more quickly to shut off the free flow of information.

Time is getting short. Read Martenson’s complete report here. 

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