If the coronavirus is no big deal, why is China engaged in draconian crackdown measures?
02/06/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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If the coronavirus is no big deal, why is China engaged in draconian crackdown measures?

The official story seems to be that novel coronavirus isn’t that big of a deal, especially outside of China. But if this is actually true, then why is the communist Chinese regime cracking down on all independent reporting on the situation, calling it “misinformation” and “rumors?”

In partnership with Big Tech platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google, communist China is right now trying to stamp out all news about coronavirus that doesn’t first get the rubber stamp from Chinese officials, which apparently don’t want anyone to know the true number of coronavirus victims.

It now appears as though there are two sets of coronavirus numbers: one for public consumption, and another for internal government tracking. And it’s the internal numbers, which are now over 154,000, according to leaked data, that communist China is trying to keep a secret for as long as possible.

The people of Hong Kong are fully aware of what’s going on, which is why they’ve been desperately trying to convince their own government officials to close all borders and entry points with China, citing the extreme risks involved to public health and the local economy.

But it appears as though communist China is trying to bar this from happening, just as it’s going after journalists and others who are blowing the lid on all the Chinese deception. As communist China basically implements its own form of martial law in response to the outbreak, it simultaneously wants the rest of the world to believe that everything is under control and not to worry.

“In a stunning announcement by officials in Nanjing Province, authorities have unveiled what amounts to full martial law and furthermore, taking enforcement of reporting the sick extremely seriously,” reports Zero Hedge.

Be sure to listen to the below episode of The Health Ranger Report in which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses all the deception coming from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the communist Chinese regime:

Communist China doesn’t want the world to know how many people are dropping dead from coronavirus

One of the first Chinese people to warn others about novel coronavirus, a hospital worker from Wuhan, was actually targeted by local police and given a misdemeanor charge for allegedly spreading “rumors” online.

It turned out the guy was right, of course. But that doesn’t really matter to communist China, which is only concerned with controlling the narrative and not with telling the truth.

A similar coverup is taking place here in the United States, where White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow recently declared that the coronavirus outbreak will have “no impact” on the U.S. economy, even though it already is in the form of a disrupted global supply chain.

“It’s not a catastrophe. It’s not a disaster,” Kudlow is quoted as saying recently. “We’ve been through this before and I just think the impact is minimal.”

But is this actually true? And if it is, then why is Big Tech censoring information that suggests otherwise? What are they trying to hide? The answer, at least in part, is this: the numbers.

“This is very strong evidence that the Chinese government has two sets of numbers related to the coronavirus pandemic and is choosing to deceive the public by releasing numbers which are roughly 1/10th the actual number of infections and deaths that the Chinese government itself has secretly recorded,” contends Adams.

“The WHO, not surprisingly, is praising China for its ‘transparency,’ indicating just how many crooks or fools work at the WHO. Based on videos, reports, whistleblowers, doctors and independent journalists who are reporting from China, it seems rather apparent that China is radically downplaying the true number of infections and deaths associated with this pandemic.”

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