DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Health experts warn that people who have had the coronavirus can get it again even after they have recovered
02/06/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Health experts warn that people who have had the coronavirus can get it again even after they have recovered

Day by day, the more health experts and researchers encounter the coronavirus and try to unravel its riddles, they more they learn just how hearty — and dangerous — it is.

As reported by Business Insider, health experts are now warning that even people who have already had the coronavirus can contract it again, which makes it doubly difficult to stamp out and protect against.

Most often, once a person contracts a viral infection, their bodies fight it off and in the end, they become immune. But apparently, that’s not the case with the coronavirus, as the news site reports: 

The outbreak originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. China’s Health Commission reported Sunday that among those infected there, 475 people have made full recoveries and 362 have died. The rest are still being treated.

Zhan Qingyuan, director of pneumonia prevention and treatment at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said people who have recovered may not be immune to the virus.

“For those patients who have been cured, there is a likelihood of relapse,” he told reporters during a briefing late last week. “The antibody will be generated, however, in certain individuals, the antibody cannot last that long.”

It’s not yet clear why that is.

Coronaviruses themselves are common; the last outbreak in China, called SARS, was a coronavirus. These also include MERS and the common flu bug/cold. Most coronaviruses cause mild-to-moderate upper respiratory infections, while many — including the current bug — spread to people from animals.

Normally, when a virus enters the body it attempts to attach itself to host cells and take them over. In response, our immune system produces antibodies to fight the virus; these are proteins that recognize and remove the viruses.

That process thereby produces immunity. But according to Zhan, that’s not always the case with the current coronavirus outbreak.

Is a massively deadly global pandemic in the offing?

As Business Insider notes, because it is so new, doctors and health researchers still don’t know a lot about the current coronavirus, including whether humans will be able to develop full immunity to it after contracting it. Zhan noted that doctors still don’t know if the antibodies produced to remove the virus from the system will remain long enough to get the job done.

If not, then people who have already had the virus are at risk of getting it again, and perhaps the second time around they won’t be so lucky as to recover.

As Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reported this week, the virus’ infection rate in China and globally is exploding: 

Ten days ago, the number of coronavirus infections was officially 916. Today, after a 16-hour freeze on new numbers from mainland China, the official numbers took another stunning leap to 20,622 infected and 426 dead [Editor’s note: These figures are as of this writing.]

That’s more than a 2000% increase over just ten days. It’s further proof that this coronavirus infection is not contained and not “under control” as the dishonest mainstream media (and lying tech giants) are trying to get people to believe.

Such a dramatic rise in the infection rate, Adams continues, makes the Wuhan coronavirus practically impossible to contain, especially when you combine the rapid infection rate and spread with long incubation times and the inability for some people to develop immunity after being infected.

It’s almost like this particular bug was made by something — or someone — for the specific purpose of spreading around the globe.

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