After receiving three weeks of radiation – which causes cancer – Ruth Bader Ginsburg now claims to be “cancer free” – a status the cancer industry says does not exist
02/06/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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After receiving three weeks of radiation – which causes cancer – Ruth Bader Ginsburg now claims to be “cancer free” – a status the cancer industry says does not exist

It’s a miracle! Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has not only come back from the dead, she’s also completely cancer free, according to CNN.

During an alleged “rare interview” that took place in her chambers – there’s no video or audio evidence, of course – Ginsburg supposedly told a CNN fake news reporter that she’s fit as a fiddle and no longer has any cancer in her body.

Defying the cancer industry’s claim that nobody can ever truly be “cured” of cancer – it’s just “remission,” according to the industry – Ginsburg allegedly insisted to CNN that she’s “cancer free” and ready to continue doing her job.

Hilariously, CNN described Ginsburg as “energized” and “speaking animatedly,” though, again, there’s no evidence of this other than a bunch of words printed by CNN – and we all know how credible that is.

Even so, the official story is that the 86-year-old Supreme Court Justice, who was previously unable to even talk due to “chemo brain,” has somehow magically reanimated as a young, fit, and clear-thinking Supreme Court Justice who’s ready and able to carry the torch of far-leftism into 2020.

In what amounts to a miraculously convenient turn of events for the Democratic Party, Ginsburg is planning to tackle issues like immigration, “reproductive rights,” and LGBTQ “protections,” according to CNN – oh, and those pesky tax returns that President Trump refuses to procure.

Adding even more creative license to this little tale, CNN claims that Ginsburg was fashionably dressed in her chambers during the interview, wearing “red slacks and a tan jacket” while “a fire crackled” over in the corner.

Is Ginsburg really even alive, or is CNN pulling everyone’s chain again?

While crazier things have happened, it seems a bit far-fetched that Ginsburg has somehow experienced a 180-degree turn with her health, especially after supposedly undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments as an 86-year-old.

If you’ve been following our ongoing coverage of Ginsburg’s declining health, as well as her continual no-shows on the bench, then you’re probably scratching your head right now trying to figure out how she’s suddenly able to give fashionable, fireside interviews with CNN.

Keep in mind that this is the same woman who could barely keep her head up and was constantly seen falling asleep – and this was before her rigorous and repeated attempts to battle her cancer with the industry’s highly toxic regimens from which full recovery, even for younger folks, is exceptionally rare.

Even just a few months ago, the mainstream news was telling us all that Ginsburg was still unable to sit on the bench and hear oral arguments because she was “indisposed to an illness” – a convenient excuse that some conspiracists believe was just another cover story to prevent Ginsburg’s replacement on the bench with a more conservative-leaning Justice.

Does CNN really expect us all to believe that this same Ginsburg is now suddenly a fully functional human being giving fashionable fireside interviews about all of the agenda items on the Democratic Party’s wish list? Or was Ginsburg given some miracle cure that the rest of us peons don’t even know exists? Either way, this CNN story doesn’t add up, nor does it make an ounce of logical sense considering all that Ginsburg supposedly went through in her two-time fight against cancer.

“Well, hell, if CNN said it then it’s true,” joked one commenter at The Gateway Pundit. “Ginsborg is back and ready to roll.”

“Does cancer continue to spread if you’re already dead?” asked another jokingly. “Asking for a friend.”

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