Georgia Democrats now attempting to ban ALL semi-automatic firearms, including self-defense pistols and rifles, as anti-gun mental illness spreads
01/26/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Georgia Democrats now attempting to ban ALL semi-automatic firearms, including self-defense pistols and rifles, as anti-gun mental illness spreads

For weeks we have been reporting on Virginia Democrats’ plans to implement a bevy of new gun control measures when they take over all lawmaking branches of their government this month.

But Democrats elsewhere are interested in further eroding the Second Amendment as well, including in Georgia.

As reported by The Truth About Guns, state Sen. Donzella James has filed SB 281, which would “prohibit the possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns,” regardless of make, model or the fact that these weapons are used so infrequently to commit crimes it is nearly statistically insignificant.

In addition, the bill includes other popular provisions among Democrat gun grabbers: A ban on ‘high capacity magazines’ (more than 10 rounds), and private sales at gun shows. And it would require “secure storage” of guns by dealers (as though gun stores around the state are lightly secured as it is).

According to the website, the language of the bill makes it clear that James and her staff have no idea how these kinds of firearms actually operate. That matters because once a bill passes into law, then that’s that — it will be enforced (on some level) as written, at least until confusing or otherwise unconstitutional provisions are successfully challenged in court. (Related: Virginia Dem proposes to create ‘ammo-free zones’ to go along with new gun control laws.)

But the larger issue is this: It’s always one political party coming after Americans’ inalienable right to keep and bear arms, to ignore the “shall not be infringed” section of the Second Amendment: Democrats.

This is no accident. 

Recall, this is the party that hates America as it was founded. No matter how many laws we’ve passed, how many constitutional amendments have been passed, how many hundreds of thousands of our own people have died in a civil conflict — Democrats will never accept our founding as “legitimate” because of slavery, inequalities among sexes, and other human frailties that, frankly, were endemic in countries all over the world since the beginning of time.

The Donkey Party hates America, period

Democrats claim they are “progressive,” but in fact, they are “regressive” — they seek to return our country to a time of authoritarianism, which would happen almost overnight if or when they ever succeeded in gaining complete control over our country. That’s when they would ban guns outright, the Constitution be damned.

This measure in Georgia isn’t going to pass because the party does not control enough levers of power to get it done. But that’s not the point: James is showing us, once again, who members of her party really are; authoritarians of the past.

Progressive Americans who have been, and still are, part of the Republican Party, meanwhile, supported the ending of slavery, the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s, equality for all Americans, and the righting of other wrongs. 

Democrats, by comparison, wanted to keep slavery intact; they formed the KKK on the ashes of the Civil War; they persecuted blacks and other minorities for decades; they were not universally supportive of all civil rights (for all Americans, including women and minorities). Only when they figured out they could win by dividing our country along racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual lines did they pretend to lend support.

The Democrats also are no friends of the Constitution. They use it only when it suits them. They ‘revere’ it only for political expediency. Like they constantly try to undermine the Second Amendment, they also would deprive conservatives of their right to speak freely, worship whom they please, assemble peaceably, and redress grievances.

It’s gotten so bad on Left-wing college and university campuses that President Trump had to intervene with an executive order.

Democrats aren’t just a threat to the Second Amendment. They are a threat to all individual freedoms.

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