07/17/2017 / By Ethan Huff

Stock values might be at some of their highest levels ever, but 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul isn’t convinced

06/29/2017 / By Ethan Huff
Ron Paul

Every year when it comes time for Americans to pay their federal income taxes, most don’t even bat an eye.

05/24/2017 / By JD Heyes

More than a few former congresspersons, intelligence operatives and others who are well-versed in the ways of Washington have expressed

04/07/2017 / By Jayson Veley
Ron Paul

To many people watching the events in Syria unfold before their very eyes, Bashar Assad looks guilty, ruthless, and unremorseful.

12/02/2016 / By newstarget
Ron Paul

The Washington Post has a history of misrepresenting Ron Paul’s views. Last year the supposed newspaper of record ran a

11/21/2016 / By newstarget
Ron Paul

“This list contains the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple

02/22/2016 / By Julie Wilson

Former Congressman Ron Paul discussed whether granting women the “right” to be included in a potential military draft is really

02/11/2016 / By Jonathan Benson

The United States is on the verge of total economic collapse, and a new Google Consumer Survey suggests that the

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